Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It's December!

How did that happen? I traditionally have a big panic about Christmas presents but I'm doing ok so far, just need to get a few bits and Isobel's birthday presents.

Isobel is off school today, our village roads are really icy and I wasn't going to take the risk. So far we've found a make your own doll set that Iz got for her birthday last year, we were going to do it together but she managed about 6 stitches and I did the rest, it looks ok, bit frankensteiny but she's very happy with it.
We have about 4 inches of snow and its snowing still, I love it if I don't have anywhere to go but I normally do. My Dad and his girlfriend, Janis are meant to be coming over for the weekend, Janis is flying on Friday, I'm worried that they won't be able to come which makes me really sad.

Scale still up a little, I ate fine yesterday but did miss the gym so its just one of those annoying bounces! fingers crossed for better tomorrow.

Ooh, (touching wood with fingers firmly crossed) George seems to be getting the hang of potty training, I've been pushing it for about a week and only in the house, its 1pm here, he's been in pants today since about 6am and we've not had one accident and he's been taking himself off to use the potty, think that we have a way to go but I'm really pleased with him, it costs me a jelly baby for every wee, we've not even approached doing number 2's on the potty yet, might need more luck for that!

Hope that everyone is well, I know that there are a few people struggling, you're all in my thoughts x


  1. It's crazy to think of how fast this year has flown by!

  2. This year really has gone by quickly. I'm so thankful to be done with the whole potty training business. I think one of the main reasons I don't want a third child is because I don't want to go through diapers again.

  3. I can't even imagine potty training a child!!

    And the snow keeps falling! I hear it was like -16 or something. Insane. Just stay in and play games with the kids! Don't brave the ice!

  4. Way to go George!! It sounds absolutely lovely - being all cozy like on a snowy day doing fun kid stuff! Enjoy it and pleeeeeaaseee don't go out driving in the ice!!

    Will keep my fingers crossed too that Janis and your Dad make it safe 'n sound!!

  5. I never thought my son would be potty trained, but he's now 25 and I think he finally got it. Actually he was almost 3 before he finally got it unlike my daughter at 2. At least you can get rid of the diapers soon.

  6. Congrats on the potty training. I remember that being such a big step. We had such a bad winter last year that I'm really hoping not to see much snow this year - although I'd love a white Christmas.