Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas eve eve

Thank you for all your kind wishes for Izzy's birthday yesterday, this is her blowing out her candles, I love seeing the smoke on the picture. Her cupcake is pathetic but I will do her a big cake for her birthday party in January. She had a lovely day with her "best" friend and her family and my Mum. She got a couple of furreal animals, she had the cat anyway and has never been that bothered but got a dog and a monkey. They are quite weird, George is now obsessed with the monkey which is causing huge problems. I might go out and see if I can buy George a furreal animal for Christmas, gah, children!

I have to confess to not being great at the party, there were tiny pastries and lovely savoury things aswell as marshmallows, I say this like I didn't know! I bought the stuff!
I ate far too much, by some miracle I've not gained anything, perhaps it will show tomorrow, I'm going to be a good girl today. Weight is 14st 11lbs (207 lbs) Paul has just popped out for something, as soon as he is back I'm going to the gym.

Can't believe that its almost Christmas, I need to wrap a few presents as well as go and fetch George a furreal freaky thing, but other than that I am DONE!

Have a marvellous day all xxx


  1. Happy Birthday to Izzy! Alison - have a wonderful holiday. I can barely get a few sips of a protein shake down so it is hard to imagine ever eating again but I know that I will be able to and not looking forward to "Bandster Hell"!

  2. Oh my goodness I know a few kids that love those furreal things! Weird. I probably would have liked one too at that age! Christmas day has got to be fun with kids in the house! I think that cupcake is adorable BTW!

    Take pictures on Christmas for me!

  3. Nothing wrong with splurging a little on your baby's birthday! And you didn't gain? Fantastic! :)

    Hope you guys have an awesome Christmas Eve Eve!

  4. It looks like Izzy had a great birthday - don't worry about the sweets, you just enjoyed her party. Have a great Christmas!

  5. My daughter just informed me that tomorrow's tomorrow is Christmas. I agree with Linda - don't worry about the sweets. Especially when you are working out. I'm betting you won't see it on your scale. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  6. Hey, I just wanted to thank you for posting that link to santa's portable north pole! I have done a video for my daughter, my little sister, and one of my step-grandbabies, it is AWESOME! Such a wonderful idea! Anyway, thanks again for that.

  7. I loved the cupcake!! And, I guess I need to get "into the groove" of things - I have no idea what a furreal is!! I guess I have to just do more homework!!

    Have a Merry Christmas, my Friend!! Enjoy your family!!