Saturday, 18 December 2010

One week to go.

Can't believe that this time next week will be Christmas day! It seems to have come around so quickly this year. Are you all prepared? I think that I have everything that I need but I have to wrap lots of gifts still but they are all bought, just have to remember where I hid them all.

Thanks for all your comments and advice yesterday, Amanda, would love some recipes when you feel up to it. Island bandit mentioned scallops, I've never tried scallops, I know that they are high in protein, will give them a go, thank you. I will try and be more adventurous with fish, we are a bit limited here with things like refried beans, I guess that I might be able to find them but they're not widely available, will give it a go thanks.
As for advice on the kids, they're fighting at the moment! Nothing works! Problem is that Isobel is a very bossy 6 (on Wednesday) yr old with a very set idea on how every game should be played and George is 3 and has recently become very stroppy so its a recipe for disaster!

I'm eating toast for breakfast this morning, I'm almost half a slice down and its ok, feels a little stuck so will leave it for a while, I just had to have lf peanut butter on toast this morning, I only have a tiny bit of pb on, not because I have incredible restraint but because it was almost all gone.

I did eat lots of rubbish yesterday, not sure what came over me, but the scale said 14st 12 (208 lbs) again, I'm very happy that it hasn't gone up although I'm sure that it may catch up with me, I can't help but think that had I had a good day I would have had a nice loss to show for it.

I'm going to the gym today, first time since Tuesday, its freezing here at the moment, its -4 which is about 25f. I'm going to leave it until it warms up a little, it rained a lot yesterday so I think it will be icy.

Have a friend popping by later and have some very ripe bananas so I'll make a banana cake later, Isobel loves it too, I normally have some and pb it so I'm going to do my absolute best to not have any, wish me luck.

Have a lovely Saturday x


  1. Alison, you can get cans of refried beans in Tesco and Waitrose.

  2. Also you can use a can of chili beans and mash them like potatoes. That way they can be the texture you like.
    Scallops are amazing! Rich and wonderful. Lemon and butter are great accents. Go for dinner somewhere and have them as a starter to test em out. I got a recipe for Thai chicken thighs that looks yummy. Do you like meat loaf? Wish I was closer cause recipes are my thing!

  3. I don't really have much input, but have a great weekend yourself!! :)

  4. Didn't know Tesco's and Waitrose so refried beans, thanks Justine, will pick some up next time I'm shopping.

  5. Thai pea purée! Yum freaking oh! Let me know how that goes? I do meatloaf with turkey all the time. Ground chicken too. You have to flavor it well I think. Sometimes I get thai sweet chili sauce and blend that in with the meat and add a bit to the top while it is cooking. Thai sweet chili sauce is had with fish and scallops and chicken too. I love Thai flavors

  6. It's puzzling how different foods can be OK for some bandits and cause PBing to others - sometimes it seems as though there are as many different types of restriction as there are lapbands... Peanut butter seems to make things stick somehow, and with bread added it becomes the perfect bung for several hours. I don't mind when a type of food stops me in my tracks, it's just the worrying about where it's going that gets me!