Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The love affair is over

Somehow I've gained another 2 pounds! The scale said 14st 13lbs again today, 209 lbs.
I don't think that I deserve this gain and think maybe I had one or two artificial lows and maybe a little water retention.

Or, it could be that I've been hitting the ice cream and the biscuits, I'm not managing to each much proper food so I've been eating too much rubbish.

So, as of today the affair is over, I passed Ben & Jerry's on special offer today and didn't buy any instead I bought a weight watchers dessert, yum!
Have also been concentrating on high protein foods and think that I've been able to eat a little more today, might have to reassess my unfill next week.

Have hardly stopped today and didn't manage to get to the gym, have so much to do and didn't get half of it done, going to catch up on your blogs, hope that everyone is well!


  1. Keep with it, Friend!! You can do this!

    And, thank you for giving US the snowglobe!! We're getting inundated - and I think it's all YOUR fault - you sent it to us!! Just under a foot in the last twenty four hours......

    Have a GREAT day!

  2. Sometimes the scale is just nasty - I often have a bounce upwards after a new low - but I don't take much notice now as long we the overall trend is in the right direction. Keep at it!

  3. It's hard when you're very tight not to turn to sliders a bit. Good job turning down the Ben & Jerry's.
    BTW - Boden is starting a huge sale today at least in the US. I got my $288 coat for $86. You should see if the UK site is marked down too!

  4. I'm glad to see that your love affair with Ben and Jerry's has ended. Making healthier life choices is a great thing. You can do it...

  5. I just started following you. Congrats on giving up the ice cream! Ive been having some compulsive eating issues lately so I started keeping lower calorie snacks in the house (50 calorie string cheese, 60 calorie puddings, 100 calorie popcorn [its like 5 cups of popcorn!], 90 calorie special K bars...etc...and I love the weight watchers ice creams). Definitely helpful - that way if I eat 2 string cheeses or 2 puddings, theres much less of a chance of really messing myself up in the weightloss department than if I ate 2 bowls of full fat ice cream or something. You should stock up on some lower calorie, but satisfying snacks so you can have a guilt free sweet treat! And try not to put too much stock into the scale (I struggle so much with this). It can really fluctuate day to day and even week to week.

  6. Alison, the little setbacks are much less important than the BIG PICTURE. Keep that in mind.
    You're doing brilliantly-- and if you start to have repeated struggles, just get your tushy back to the band practice and ask for some help...
    xo DL
    (PS: thx for all of the support, you're right that I need to ignore any haters.)