Saturday, 4 December 2010

I actually left the house!

It's nearly all gone, am so pleased but maybe a tiny bit sad too, its so pretty. This meant that I could take Isobel to her party and see some of the other mums, actually talking to people face to face who are not my immediate family was great. I also got to visit the supermarket! This is a chore for me most of the time but yesterday was an exciting adventure. Isobel was with me and insisted that we went to a more expensive supermarket, she's such a snob!

I really struggled with food yesterday, I wouldn't say that my band is too tight, I think that I keep aggravating it. I had wheatabix for breakfast which is very mushy so it was fine. I stole a couple of George's potty training jelly babies and then half an hour later I tried to have a boiled egg, managed most of one but then was really really sick, horrible and very sore. Had a tiny piece of cake at the party which was fine then came home and had nacho's and houmous, managed some but it was quite uncomfortable, then I managed a healthy portion of B&J's fairly nuts, that was fine! How have I never eaten this flavour before? It was great.
(Really mean mum bit) Izzy is allergic to peanuts and therefore she has to avoid all nuts, I generally don't give George nuts either just in case and Paul isn't much of a nut lover so its all for me!! Rumours that I bought a nut ice cream for this very reason are completely true!

So, I stood on the scale this morning and it said 14st 10lbs (actually 14 10 and 3/4's) but I generally ignore the bits at the end. That's 206 lbs, total loss of 47 pounds and 38 pounds to my goal.
I am a tiny bit worried about how quickly its falling off at the moment, if its just fat that's great but I don't want to damage my health.
Will be going back to the gym today, I was meant to have a reassessment last week but had to cancel due to weather, hopefully will rebook that for next week.

Hope that everyone has a lovely Sunday!


  1. Doing brilliantly!
    Congrats and keep up the great work.

  2. Don't be worried. I think you are okay. You were at a stand still and now it is working again. Now if you lose 30 lbs in a month then let's worry! Glad you got out today.

  3. You are doing wonderful with your WL.. and navigating all of those food obstacles.. but I do wonder if you are a bit too tight.. altough I totally relate to stress and band tightening..

    Alison, As I read your snow posts, I cant help but re-live last year in the US and that feeling of "cabin fever" we all had.. by day 3..meaning GET ME OUT OF THIS HOUSE.. I wanted to ask how people in the UK react in advance of a snow storm. I am located in the mid altlantic coast of the US, so when ever there is even a bit of chance of snow.. everyone runs to the store and buys bread and milk (whether you need it or not).LOL. so indvertently.. with all of the mini snow storms all we do is EAT!!!

    Hoping the winter is kinder going forward.. hugs!

  4. Glad to hear you got out of the house at last! We had a tiny little bit of snow - probably an inch, max - enough to cover the pavements/gardens but luckily none settled on the roads.
    You're fast catching me up with the weightloss - I'm at 14st9lbs now, with 37 to go til I get to my target weight which happens to be exactly the same as yours - 12stone. Maybe we should have a race...

  5. Your weight loss is going so well!

    I see you had trouble with boiled egg - when I'm in the green zone I have trouble with the white of boiled egg - it is the work of the devil! I had a terrible PB on egg white so now I stick to scrambled eggs or omelettes.