Friday, 31 December 2010

My word

My word this year will be moderation, the definition sums up exactly what I mean.
(the quality of being moderate; restraint; avoidance of extremes or excesses; temperance)

During my years of dieting when I was good I was very good and when I wasn't I was terrible, a real feast or famine mentality and even now, once I have something I shouldn't have I really struggle to not stuff my face with rubbish for the rest of the day/week/month.

So moderation is going to be the way forward for me, not just with regard to my weight, also in regard to money, I spend an enormous amount of money every month and I'm not entirely sure what it goes on, I'm always buying food but we never seem to have the stuff for proper meals which means that I go back to the supermarket and buy more stuff and end up throwing half of it away. So I'm going to meal plan and buy only what I need. I have also withdrawn cash for groceries and spending money for the month to make myself more aware of what I spend.

Scale was good this morning, 14st 11lbs (207 lbs) 1 pound over my lowest. 46 pounds lost, 14 more to go to meet my band anniversary goal.

Mrs Lisa C asked what fish pie was, I assumed that everyone had fish pie! Its basically white fish in a sauce with mashed potato, you can make it with any fish or seafood, I don't actually make it myself, I buy it ready made. I like it and its quite easy to get down.

Have done ok so far today, my kids are mad about drop scone/pancakes at the moment so I've made them a batch for lunch and just had a tiny taste, I have a chicken breast in the oven. As part of my grocery shopping plan I went to the butchers today which I don't normally do and bought some chicken and turkey, the chicken breast are enormous, much bigger than from the super market and much cheaper, not sure that I'll manage more than half.

Breakfast was 2 slices of toast with laughing cow light 250 cals 10g protein
cheeky pancake taste 50 cals 0
an enormous chicken breast with a little blue cheese 400 cals 50g protein
with 150g's of raw yellow pepper 40 cals 0

Hope to carry on the day like this, am going to try and get the kids out for a bike ride (them not me) later, we're going stir crazy all being stuck in here together.

Happy new year! Hope that everyone has a lovely evening.


  1. Hi Alison, thanks for you comment on my blog, its much appreciated. Can you tell me why you are counting your protein intake and what level you are working too? I know everyone in the US counts theirs but I have pretty much been given the band and left to get on with it, so any advise would be gratefully received. I find protein really hard to eat. Happy New Year too!

  2. Good Word My dear!

    Mmm fish pie! Ya, we really don't have them here! Simple thing to make too and perhaps I will make one this weekend! Love the idea of the chicken with some blue cheese! Do you guys get the Laughing Cow blue cheese flavor over there yet?

    Good question Fiona...I think that is to bad that they haven't given you any direction with the band. That is half of the struggle is figuring it out!

  3. Thanks for letting me know what fish pie is! Sounds yummo! Great word too! "Moderation".... Love it!

  4. I like your word :o)

    Have a great New Year!!!