Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas eve musings

Thank you to everyone for your comments and support over the last 10 months, it will be my 9 month anniversary tomorrow! I have lost 46 pounds since being banded, not that much compared to some but I'm happy with that.

This time last year I hadn't considered the band, not sure what I weighed but I guess that it was somewhere around 18 stone (252 lbs) I am sure that I was really unhappy as I'd gained the 40 pounds I'd lost a few months before, I felt like I was letting myself and my children down, this year I feel so much better.

Today has been a good day so far, Paul took the kids to the zoo this morning which meant that I could finish wrapping presents whilst I watched the end of season 6 of Grey's Anatomy, OH MY GOODNESS! McDreamy! I cried through most of it. Season 7 starts in the UK in January and I can't wait.

Paul and the kids came back and we made popcorn and watching The Snowman, it was lovely.

I've just found a new protein bar, we don't seem to have many things like that available here, I found one aimed at woman, called sculptress bars, it's 205 cals and 20g of protein which is great, I had one whilst wrapping and it was ok.

Scale today is sticking at 14st 11 (207 lbs) I'm really happy with that, would always like to loose more but that's fine.

Hope that everyone that celebrates has a very happy Christmas and people that don't have a wonderful day.


  1. Alison, 46 lbs is amazing! Simply amazing! Don't do to much comparing because everyone is different. That being said I do the same thing! lol
    Chris' aunt said the same thing about protein bars. THey can't find much and she loads up on them when they visit!

    Have a lovely Christmas. Thanks for your friendship! Enjoy the madness tomorrow and take pics!

  2. You're doing great! We shouldn't compare our progress to others' but I know it's hard not to. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Look, all the Amandas are commenting!

  4. Congrats on your weight loss. I am definitely looking forward to 2011 and hopefully will break this plateau and get closer to my weight loss goal. Merry Christmas!

  5. 46 lbs is amazing!!! You should be thrilled and really enjoy your Christmas with a fantastic start to 2011!

  6. Allison - You've done so well this year. Have a happy Christmas with your family.

  7. Not an "Amanda" here, but I'll comment anyway!! hehe... 46 pounds is an accomplishment to be VERY proud of - and I'm proud of YOU!!

    Merry Christmas, my Friend!!