Sunday, 12 December 2010

Had a bad few days.

Not sure why I decided that eating lots of junk was the way forward but I did and I gained weight, this went on for 3 days and I've gained 4 pounds, pretty impressive, hu? I think that my scales are a bit dodgy so that may contribute a small amount but most of it was me and chocolate.

Today I weighed 15st 2lbs, (212 lbs) ridiculous, this time last week I was 14st 10lbs (206 lbs) although I think that the scale was being a bit over generous.

So back on track today, I've cancelled my unfill for Tuesday, I don't think that I need it and haven't been stuck for a few days. I can't see how I can possibly get to Onederland for Christmas or even new year.

But, I am going to be positive and keep on going.

Non band related, still having potty training nightmares, he completely gets it now and uses the potty really well although number 2's are a bit problem and he's not managed one in the potty/toilet yet. My problem now is that the urine ends up everywhere, even though I remind him to hold it down! I've cleaned and disinfected the floor 8 times today, 8 times, the skin is falling off my hands! It's worse if he's on the toilet, I never anticipated this problem.
Goodness me don't I live a dull life!


  1. oh dear!!! Wear gloves you need you hands! :)
    Perhaps Alison you are retaining water? I think that your issues with your period not being on track maybe a factor here! I know nothing medically but that would be my guess! Good luck my dear!

  2. Hi Alison - thanks for the visit! There are hundreds of bandits out there, quite a few of them in the UK - just click on any of my favourites (in English) on the right, they're all bandits. And from their blogs you'll get into a whole new world. I like to write about other stuff too, and you may prefer to read mor bandit information.
    I've had 2 unfills recently, and the second one was a mistake, caused by the fact that my inflamed wotsit (stomach? pouch? you know the area I mean) was giving me a false feeling of being overfilled. I should have eaten mushy foods for several days till it calmed down, when I would have realised that I didn't need an unfill at all. I've had an eighth put back in, but my 2-year contract has just finished, so if I want any more I'll have to pay £50 a go. Oh well...
    Keep in touch?

  3. Going #2 is always harder on kids when they are training. Some say that it is because you can physically feel yourself doing it, and some kids feel like they are losing a part of themselves. It was a couple months after my daughter was fully potty trained on #1 (meaning no accidents) before she was able to start #2, so hang in there. unfortunately I can't give any advice for the bad aim, I only have one male in the house and he came pretty well trained by the time I got him (my hubby). Best of luck!

  4. Oh Alison.. this is such a hard time of year with so many temptations around uw.. but perhaps the damage is not what it appears to be on the scale.. water retention has allot to do with a bouncy scale... chocolate has some salt in it about 35mg per oz (unless you are eating dark chocolate).. if you can focus on one thing drink lots of water and flush your system.. and then just try to focus on getting protein in through out the day... on to the potty training item.. I have 3 brothers rather close apart.. here was the trick that my mother used to get my brothers to shoot straight.. she would take the sunday newspaper comics, they were always in color. And she would cut them up into tiny squares and place them in a cup on top of the toilet. when it was their turn to "go" she would have a small stool that they could pull up and step up onto, and then they would reach into the cup and sprinkle some of the color square into the potty.. and the goal was for them to squirt them (basically pee on them) to get them to sink... sounds silly, but my brothers even at that age where very competitive.. and it did the job.. they had fun and my mother's life was a bit easier. hugs to you.. be well

  5. Thanks Barbara, that's a great idea, I have seen ping pong ball things that float in the loo for that reason. At the moment he won't stand up but when he does I will use this, wonder if it will work for my husband!

  6. No tips on toilet training boys, sorry - I have two girls so aiming wasn't an issue!

    Don't get too worried about the gain on the scales - you'll bounce back down to 206 (and below) again - just keep that protein up and the extras to a minimum (that's what's I'm telling myself this week anyway!).

  7. Thank you for your comment! Looks like I am you 100th follower!!! I look forward to catching up on your blog :)

  8. Sorry you had a bad few days - but it was just a few days, no lasting damage. Probably water retention and a day or two on track will get you back where you were. You can do it!

  9. Sorry about the couple of days - but they're done, yesterday, gone! Today is a new day!!

    And my heart really goes out to you with the potty stuff.. Having two boys, I feel your pain!! I really did believe my youngest would be wearing Depends on his graduation day!!

    Good luck!~

  10. This makes me grateful that I have girls. EEEK!