Saturday, 4 December 2010

Escape is possibly possible.

We seem to have a thaw, yippee! Paul has fetched the car and its ok except a wonky wing mirror. I went out earlier to go to the Christmas farmers market in the village, managed about 10 steps and came home as the road and pavement is thick with ice, despite Paul telling me it was just wet, it isn't, its about 2 inches of ice and I didn't want to risk falling over.

I'm hoping that it will continue to thaw and I may be able to leave the house later ON MY OWN. I can hardly contain myself. I need to buy some slim fast, my band is so tight that I'm not able to eat that much and so I'm not getting much protein. We are really limited as to what protein drinks we can get hold of here and I've run out of the protein shakes I bought from my surgeon, I could buy more but they have a huge minimum order so I thought that slim fast should do the trick.

The scale was kind again today and I weighed in at 14st 11lbs, (207 lbs), only 8 to go to get to my Christmas onederland goal!


  1. Awesome!!!

    Alison if you want I can send some protein over with Chris in his case and he can mail it to you! We do this for other friends often! Obviously not protein, ha ha! We decided to pay for the extra case so we can take presents back and forth. I would LOVE to do it for you and it would be no bother. So let me know!

  2. Okay..if you say so! But I just asked Chris and he said he would gladly do it. I really don't mind!

  3. Yay for your thaw!! I hope it keeps thawing so that you can get out and about!

    8 more to go, Lady!! You can do this!!