Sunday, 19 December 2010

Well, it caught up with me.

Scale said 14 13 (209 lbs) today, thoroughly deserved and should have been more, I know that I'm picking because I'm not planning very well, I am addressing that now.

Thanks for the food ideas yesterday, I'm going to get some recipes together and be a little more adventurous.
I had scallops yesterday, I really liked them, they were tiny ones as its all I could get yesterday, will look for larger ones when I next shop.

Izzy by the icy river this morning.

We have loads of snow today, started yesterday afternoon and just didn't let up, Izzy had a birthday party and Paul had real trouble getting the snow phobic car home. We were meant to meet up with friends and go for lunch to celebrate Isobel's birthday today but couldn't get the car out, we could have dug it out but the roads look awful so had to cancel. Izzy is very upset, she'd decided that she was having lasagne for lunch so I've made one for her, she has ice cream for dessert.
Our village has "carols on the quay" tonight which should be nice and Christmassy in the snow but I'm so over it, we have lots of little plans for Izzy's birthday this week, I really hope that it doesn't spoil it for her.

Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. Happy birthday to Izzy! :) Have a great Sunday!

  2. The snow looks amazing over there. I see Heathrow is snowed in. Hope you are keeping warm!

  3. Happy Birthday to a very cute Izzy!!