Friday, 17 December 2010

Day 3 of the holidays.

And I've had enough, I'm finding my kids hard work today, they seem to want to play together, manage about 2 minutes and start shouting at one another and then hitting each other, its horrible.

Of course, if I was a nice mother I would take them out, I need to go and book lunch with Santa soon so will let them have a little run around the park soon, its soooo cold though.

Had a friend come over last night armed with flapjacks and brownies, I love flapjacks, they're oats right? Practically a health food! I did indulge but not so much, the scale is 14st 12lb (208 lbs) again today and I'm ok with that, I was a little worried about standing on the scale today!
I am struggling with high protein meals a bit at the moment, I don't eat red meat and I'm not big on fish. Any ideas would be gratefully received.

One of my neighbours knocked at the door the other day and they want to look at the house, they are coming this evening. I've pretty much tidied everywhere but the kids are doing their best to wreck it! Although the house is still on the market, we have pretty much decided that we are staying put, we've had no viewers in 2 months! Goodness knows what will happen, chances are we'll hear no more from them, fingers crossed!

Hope that everyone is well, thinking of Amanda, you will feel better soon lovely, honest. Barbara is in my thoughts and prayers.


  1. sounds like you're managing the holidays well.....
    as for protein options.... i like the babybel light cheeses - 50 calories, low fat and good amount of protein... and they go down well.
    also, greek yogurt is a good option. there's only so many ways you can do chicken i guess. what about scallops - is it just fish or all seafood you don't like?

  2. hi,

    thanks for the nice comments about the house. It was a mess when we bought it 11 years ago..and has been a long project. Now we are crazy enough to want to take on a new one.

    I thought I had you listed on my watched blogs but apparently I haven't...until today!

    My daughter has one more day of school today (I hope I can make it through two weeks at home without tearing my hair out!!) :)

    I can eat most proteins now I just make sure and cut across the grain and chew like crazy. Anything that has long fibers I go very carefully with.

    I didn't used to like any seafood at all but really vowed to try anything and everything new. Fish has now become a favorite...I urge you to give new things a try. Your tastes can really change along the way and I think that is a great thing!

    Good luck!


  3. Hiya Alison! I am so ready to eat something that I can a chew that I spent most of yesterday looking at high protein recipes. Mostly chicken. Some fish. I can pull together some and email them to you if you want!? Do you like shrimp, chicken, or crab salad? With nut crackers? Do you have a slow cooker?

  4. I wish I had some magic answer to get the kids to play well together, but I'm too bust refereeing my own kids to come up with one!

    I am a vegetarian so I share your protein dilema. Some of my favorite high-protein vegetarian foods are Greek yogurt, chili and bean soups, vegetarian refried beans (no lard), meat-replacement items like vegetarian chicken patties and sausage patties. I also use a fair amount of cheese in dishes like macoroni and cheese and brocoli with melted cheese. Cottage cheese and cheese sticks make good snacks. Also omlettes and quiche are great options.

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  6. I love shrimp with cocktail sauce...I also love refried beans (no lard) with cheese and non fat sour cream. This meal helps with making you "regular" I keep Lean Cuisines around and scrambled eggs that are enhanced with parmesean cheese/sauteed veggies. And I have gotten used to drinking Whey Isolate Protein shakes in the am with milk. I chug my chocolate shakes with coffee in the other has made the shake more palatable. I also like egg salad with pickles and very light mayo.

  7. Good luck with the kids!! I don't have any so I will not even try to offer any advise with them :o)

    As for protein, there is a website the has all high protein foods and menus:

    You may find some good stuff there!!

  8. Hey Alison! Good luck with the children being home! I loved having mine home for about two days - then the fighting would begin. I just bundled them up and took them to the park to "burn it off" - we'd come home, have some hot chocolate, then all would be fine.. I think they get a little stir crazy being in too - just like we do!