Monday, 27 December 2010

Chocolate poisoning?

Hope that everyone has had a fantastic holiday.
We've had a fantastic time and were all thoroughly spoilt. I now have to find room for all the kids new toys! Think that we're going to move George in to a larger bedroom tomorrow and use it as an opportunity to get rid of some stuff.

My lovely husband bought me an iPhone, I have been after one for ages and Paul and I had many discussions about it, I have a mobile phone, a laptop and and iTouch, why did I need a iPhone, the answer is that I didn't need one, I wanted one. I almost upgraded to one a couple of weeks ago, but for some reason changed my mind at the last minute, as it happens this was the same day that Paul bought the phone, somehow I must have known!
I got lots of other bits and bobs, nail polish, 2 scarves, clarins skin care, an iPod docking station and some Joules wellies. My little brother also bought us a big box of chocolates! a huge box! I'm ashamed to admit that there aren't many left. I've eaten far too much.

My Christmas goal was always to stay below 15 stone (210 lbs) today I was 14st 13 lbs (209 lbs) my gym has closed for most of the holiday which is rubbish really but its cheap. We did go on a long walk with the kids so I could try out my wellies!

Off to catch up with your blogs, hope that everyone is well and happy.


  1. Well done for staying below 15 st! :)

  2. Great job! And I'm glad you got what you wanted!

  3. Cheers to great husbands! :)

  4. Congrats on staying below target :o)

  5. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I am back in the world of the internet! We've been snowed in!! I love them..don't have one but I have other i accessories! I'll catch up with you soon!

  6. Hubs sure is a Sweetie!! I phone!! Yay!!

    Sounds like a terrific Christmas was had!!! And congrats on the weight!