Sunday, 5 December 2010

Maybe I am a little too tight.

Lovely Barbara has given me food for thought, maybe I am a little too tight. As long as I'm ok with liquids I'm not too worried short term but I don't want to cause any damage.

I can't get to the hospital until the 21st of December anyway so I think that I will make an appointment for then, if I don't need it I'll cancel it but I I think that I could do with a little coming out, maybe just .3. I'll just see how it goes.

Barbara asked how we react in the UK to snow warnings, if I'm honest we panic! really really panic, we buy up all the milk and bread and everything we can get our hands on. Lots of this is fuelled by media, last week they said that the petrol tankers wouldn't be able to replenish the petrol stations so everyone went out and filled up lots of places run out! Its crazy!
I heard a story on the radio today saying that the London Evening Standard front page story last week saying that the toys won't get to the stores in time for Christmas and they'll run out, apparently paragraph 3 admitted that all Christmas stock had been delivered weeks ago so its complete nonsense, but generally we read it, we believe and we panic!
I had terrible cabin fever too, I didn't leave the house from Tuesday morning to Saturday afternoon, I can't tell you how fantastic it was to leave the house with only one child!
I am British and spent the good part of one day looking on the internet at 4wd vehicles, started with Fords and Nissans and before I knew it I was lusting after a Porche Cayenne! Complete over reaction to 4 snow days really!
I get the impression that most other countries deal with it much better than we do, what happens where you are?

I went to the gym today, it was ok, I wondered if I might not do too well as it was a week since I went but it was ok and it was very quiet. I have my reassessment next Thursday, I've lost 20 pounds since my last one!

I bought myself a new cardigan today, I'm not much of a coat person, much prefer to layer and I'm fat and I get hot even when it's cold. I've been looking at this cardigan for a while, tried it about 2 months ago in UK size 22, then about a month ago in UK size 20, went today and no 20's or 22's so I bought it in an 18, it looks ok, not too small although wool is quite stretchy. This is the first 18 i've bought!
I have decided on my goal garment! Does anyone else have a goal garment? I want a velvet coat from Boden, like this I figure that when I'm at "goal" I won't get so warm in a coat and I really want one of these.


  1. Allison, snow where I live is a rare occurrence as well. I am on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, short distance from the beach. We don't know how to drive in snow/ice so it gets pretty crazy here too!

  2. No Alison, people here panic as well! The minute snow is mentioned the stores are out of toilet paper, bread, and milk. Oh and beer. People start driving like maniacs.
    Perhaps you are over filled...just make sure you are getting your protein in!

  3. oh and that coat is lovely! Just my style too! Do you want it in green or purple!?

  4. Gorgeous coat! And you will need it as you keep losing - I've never been so cold as this winter!

  5. It totally depends where you live in the US. Many places sounds just like England in their reaction to snow.
    LOVE the coat - my dream winter coat this year is a Boden houndstooth coat in haze. I'm hoping Santa brings it. I'm close enough to goal to buy and have altered if needed.
    Watch yourself being too tight, as long as you resign yourself to liquids and don't push it you'll be fine.

  6. Great goal to have - GREAT coat!! I'm not very much of a coat person either, but I can totally see me buying that one!!

    When I lived in the city, everyone panicked. No bread or milk to be had for DAYS! Now that we're here in east jabib, it isn't anything to hear or 6-12 inches or more on any given day. Folks don't bat an eyelash. (the city girl in me still goes out and buys milk and bread though!)

  7. I think a goal garment is a great idea. I have several pieces in my closet that I want to fit into again. I will really be happy when my wedding ring fits again.