Monday, 13 December 2010


Goodness me, can't believe that I'm subjecting 100 of you to my boring ramblings! Thank you Kellie!

Thanks for all your potty training advice, I've bought some dry bed mat things to go under the potty, thought that if I used a new one every day and disinfected the area once I'd thrown it away was better for my sanity.
*tmi*There may have been a development with number 2's! Paul looking after George this afternoon, apparently he took himself away in to the play room, did the business in his pants, took off the pants, picked up his "business" in a wipe and brought it through to Paul! I'm glad that it wasn't me. Paul decided that this was a step forward, I'm not so sure.

Scale said 15st 1lb today, 211 lbs. Its ok but would really like to get under 15 stone again soon.

Izzy's school has their carol concert today, all the school were there (goes from age 4 to 16) and it was really lovely, we wandered off in to town afterwards for a coffee and happened upon a coffee shop which had no coffee, bought Izzy a donut there which seems to have made her ill, I made my way home with an ill girl crying. She seems to be much better now and is screeching away upstairs.
She breaks up for Christmas tomorrow, tomorrow! She's off for almost a month, expect lots of moaning.

Thinking of Amanda lots today, not sure on the exact time where she is (I'm from a small Island, I don't get this more than one time zone in one country business!) think that she'll be getting banded soon.


  1. WOW... a 100 followers thats great... I think i was one of the first...feels like such a long time ago as well......

  2. I agree with your husband - bringing the poo to your husband IS a great sign! It means your son is becoming aware of when he goes and that he may not like the feeling in his pants. I bet he'll be trained in no time.

    Yea for 100 followers!

  3. High fives for 100 followers!!! Yay!! I would have loved to have seen the Carol Concert today - I bet it was absolutely wonderful!

  4. lol my daughter refuses to sit down when she has a poo! They all have a way of telling us that they don't like the feeling of it in their nappies anymore.... My daughter is 2 very soon and I am hoping she will cooperate over the summer and become potty trained :)


  5. You have an honest and intelligently written blog...And you are nice. I'm not surprised you have 100 followers.

  6. oh potty training. aaaah, It has taken 2.5years for my eldest, she is very stubborn and has been a long road. good luck, sounds as though he is on the right track. 100, wow I have 23 and I been doing this for over a year lol. You are doing something right.