Monday, 6 December 2010

a pound up

I seem to have gained a pound overnight, I had some salty foods yesterday which are probably to blame, I'm fine about it.
Still quite tight, am trying to eat some soup now which is really hard going, its not uncomfortable as much as I just feel very full. I had 2 cheese triangles this morning and felt like I'd eaten a 4 course meal!

I've booked an unfill for next Tuesday the 14th, I had .7 put in at my last fill, I was thinking about having .5 removed. I'm really grateful to everyone for your advice, I'm not sure that I would have come to that conclusion alone! I'm a bit thick.

Really need to finish my Christmas shopping, don't have that much to do, but do need to order some pictures of the kids for the frames I've bought my Mum and Aunt for Christmas, I also need to buy gifts for Isobel's teachers, I've not been overly impressed with them so I'm not going too over the top.

Glad that everyone likes the Boden coat, I think I'll have the damson colour, I wear a lot of black and that should go. I love the houndstooth, Linda, really hope you get it!


  1. I love the Boden coat too and its great that you will treat your when you get to goal. Also congrats for going down in clothes sizes. Sometimes the scale is so fickle but when you are more toned/and healthy and can fit into smaller clothes; its a great NSV and non scale gauage of your successes.

  2. Wow! Seems like the weight is just melting off of you!