Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Very long post, proceed with caution

Morning lovelies,

There isn't much sleeping going on here, I'm even waking before the kids, awful. Without sleep I am a horrible horrible cow, best avoided really.
I think that I'm worried about Isobel's birthday party (on 23rd of January as too much going on at Christmas) I had a dream the other day that whilst the party was going on I was running around trying to buy a cake as I had forgotten to get one.
So I got up at 5am and have ordered books for the party bags, individual cake boxes for the cup cakes, lollies for the magic lollipop tree and have enquired about the invitations, hopefully this will calm me down and enable me to sleep. I've already booked the hall and the dj/entertainer, just need to sort out the table stuff, table cloth, plates and serving platters and then what food I am going to make.
I've probably mentioned before that her school friends parties have been in the main extravaganza's! I feel the need to try and keep up and I hate myself for it!

Managed to keep on the straight and narrow yesterday, don't normally write it down but if I do maybe it will make me think twice if I have to write it down?

toast and laughing cow light for breakfast 250 cals 6g protein
turkey chilli for lunch 300 cals 20g protein
protein bar snack 200 cals 20g protein
2 laughing cow light triangle snack 40 cals 6g protein
scallops and peas for dinner 200 cals 7g protein
protein bar snack 200 cals 20g protein

Scale was great this morning, 14st 12lbs, (208 lbs) this is 2 above my lowest, am going to do my best to get back there. Total loss of 45 pounds, am going to have lost 60 for my band anniversary on the 25th of March, so that's another 15 pounds to loose in just under 3 months, so doable if I just get on with it. My mini goal is 13st 11lbs which will be 60 pounds down.

George starts at another pre-school next Thursday, I loved his old school but it was just too far away (when we enrolled him we were planning to move house, this is unlikely to happen now) so he is moving to a preschool which is closer and attached to the school he will attend. He will be doing 4 mornings a week so this gives me more time for me, I should be able to get to the gym 4 days a week without a problem and this should really help my weight loss.

I tried to give blood on Boxing day but was turned away again as my iron levels are too low. They were even lower this time than last time and they're probably going to ban me from donating for a few months. Not sure how to address this, I do have a list of foods that help, they've also suggested that I drink orange juice whilst eating as this aids the absorbtion of iron, I hate orange juice and I try not to drink whilst eating.
Has anyone else had this problem?
I take a multi vitamin, I don't really want to take iron tablets if I can really help it.

Enough moaning for me today, have a lovely day all xx


  1. I had low iron while prego. I ate a lot of spinich, took iron pills, and drank orange juice. The pills really aren't any fun, so I see why u want to avoid them! Good luck! The party sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Greens, Greens, Greens!! Make some stews and soups and chop up some kale and spinach. Or make a spinach lasagna or something. I add fresh spinach to my chili and tomato sauce all the time. It wilts away to almost nothing.. I had low iron after being in the hospital after I miscarried. I was able to get it up on diet and the "pre-natle" vitamins they gave me.

  3. I cant believe you can eat toast! Im so jealous. And peas?
    I dont have much restriction but bread is a no go in any form and peas and usually returned to sender too.
    I have taken an iron pill for some time now (pre band too) but I also take a multivitamin. I am also going to start a complex from Holland and Barrett for healthy hair because my hair is getting very thin.
    Good for you on the weight loss and being good so close to Christmas.

  4. I think iron supplements are the quickest way to get your levels up, but the side effects are no fun. Good luck!

  5. Sounds like your diet is right where it's supposed to be - the only thing I'd suggest for the low iron is what everyone else said. :( Either that or eat some red meat? If you can stomach it.

  6. I second Fiona, I am so jealous you can eat toast!

    I hope restful sleep comes to you soon, hun.

  7. Greens and more greens!!! My WORD Lady!! That party sounds like a wedding!! No wonder you're stressed out!! I cant imagine making plans like that for a birthday party! When mine were younger, we would have a sleep out in tents in the yard, complete with bonfire and nite swimming.. The winter son would get an afternoon at "Chuck e Cheese" and a sleepover!

    Good luck to you!! Please get some rest though... Not sleeping well cant be good for you... ((((( huggggggggsssss )))))