Monday, 31 January 2011

Scale woe's!

I'm up another pound today! Yesterday I was so grumpy and stressed (mainly about the scale) that I was so tight I pb'd almost everything I ate.

Have been thinking about it today and I think that I might get rid of my scale, I'm not sure that its actually very accurate and I'm on it far too much, its getting ridiculous. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week and there is a scale there, I can use that when I need to. I had some really helpful comments (thank you) and I think that throwing away the scale is the best thing I can do. I think that I will aim for once a week weigh in but will see how that goes.
I got dressed this morning (long black skinny fit top, black skinny jeans and black uggs) and thought that I looked great, just goes to show that its not all about the number on the scale!

Had a very upset little boy going in to nursery today, most unlike him. Was really sad, I gave him a hug and then had to leave, I knew that he would be ok. I went to town with my friend Raquel, we sat down for coffee, took my coat off and found horrible snot stains down my black top so George was not forgotten! He's home now and fine.

As I've said before I'm doing my best to cut my spending, that didn't go well last month! I'm starting again now so today I parked out of town and walked and I only took some cash, no cards. I did much better without any temptation, I'm going to do the same again.

Really tight again today, have managed 2 thin crackers and 3 small bites of chicken.
Hope that everyone is well x


  1. I am doing the same thing! Leaving my cards at home! I want to throw my scale away but I think my clothes are looking AWESOME! Well they are looking to big! My mom actually called me yesterday after I hosted a birthday brunch for my sister just to tell me to throw the jeans i was wearing away, they look awful! Thanks mom!

    I think your scale is a bit wonky. I really do! Here's to a better week this week. I know last week stunk for me!

  2. Outfit sounds nice! Probably a good idea to throw the scale away. I am way too addicted to it also. I actually feel withdrawal when I go on business trips and can't weigh myself. Working to stick to my budget too. Was so hard this weekend with my son's birthday.

  3. oh don't you just love the kid stains...I am glad he was better after nursery. I had to realign my head and only pay attention to the scale when it was good news. I weigh everyday but only mark the losses. If you are doing the right thing and know your band will do its job (which it obviously is based on your eating today) that weight WILL shift. Your body just needs to filter the message down the chain of command. I do know that it takes a week between good behavior and my body to get the message. I bet next week you will lose like crazy.

  4. Weighing once a week sounds good.. The scale can drive us insane!! What's important is that you are doing so well, and feeling good about yourself!!

    Kids, gotta love 'em!

  5. Weighing once a week, or even once a month - at Boots or tesco's is even better. It takes the pressure off. I only got some new scales when I stopped going to Slimmingworld, but wish I hadnt bothered as the temptation to weight daily is too much. I sometimes take a drink to bed with me and drink it first thing in the morning so that I can't weigh in as I like to be nude and empty when i way if ya know what i mean! LOL

    snot - wish I could say it gets better but it don't. My 12 yr old son just snotted a load of tears over me when he got scared upstairs in the dark! love 'em!

    x bunny x

  6. hey Allison-i went ages without being able to eat it. I just got the pasta power back :)...I think it was my brain and mouth getting the message. I can have them with care now.

    July planning:

    If Caroline is in the Bristol area and Bunny is in the Cambridgeshire area and you are in Essex...what is middle ground? I will be near Newport Wales but plan on spending some time in London as well.


  7. Oh no! Chuck the scale! It sounds evil.