Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Properly at my lowest low.

The scale said 14st 9lbs today (205 lbs) I have seen this once or twice but once I've weighed again its always gone up, today it didn't, I checked 3 times and still got the same number.
Isn't it odd that I 100% trust my scale when I get a number I like?

Yesterday was my 10 month bandiversary, as of today I've lost almost 3 and a half stone, 48 pounds, I know that its not as good as most but it will do for me, I would like to loose some more for my year anniversary, would be great to be 13 stone something by then!

I am about to book a fill for the end of next month (only time I can get there) I think that I can eat a little more than I ought to but the thought of being overfilled terrifies me so I'm ok for now, am looking forward to having a little more restriction but I don't think that I'm that far away.

Am still catching up, hope that everyone is well xx


  1. You and I are scale girls! Mine drives me batty and all I can do is step right back on it! Yay for your new low and 48lbs is insane Allison. I always compare and then it does damage to me. This is YOUR experience and would you have done it without the band...maybe but I couldn't! 48 lbs in under a year is fabulous! Today I am baby sitting my friends child so I get a day of somewhat living what mommies do everyday!

    Good luck with your new fill! I get one next week. Frustrated though!

  2. Woo Hoo! Congrats on you 10 month bandiversary too!

  3. Great news! Happy Bandiversary. I too check my scale at least 3 times in the morning.

  4. Congrats on your lowest low! Thats such a great feeling. Also, don't compare yourself to anyone else as far as how fast/slow youre losing. Everyone moves at their own pace, so don't fret about it!

  5. wahoooo on the lower low..yup I feel the same way about my scale...heck I feel that way about my husband too :)


  6. Congrats on your lowest low!! Terrific! Isn't it funny that we all seem to have a love/hate relationship with our scales??

    Oh, and by the way... "filthy" is with lots of extra olive juice - extra dirty!

  7. Woo Hoo. And every pound/kilogram counts. Really. It isn't about the biggest loser but losing what we need to lose in the time we decide. I'm thinking of another little fill in a couple of weeks. I need a tweek too.