Monday, 24 January 2011

bit of a brain dump.

Sorry I've not been around much, everyone has left so I'm back now.

Weekend was good, was lovely having my Dad and Janis here, kids fell in love with her even more than the were before, George who is a mummy's boy was asked by Janis if he loved his Mummy and he replied I love you! I think I've lost him!

Party was a bit of a disaster, I hired the village hall (which has 2 halls ) I asked for the large hall, apparently they decided that I meant that I wanted the small hall, we picked up the key, set everything up when another party turned up and we had to move everything to the small hall, was ok, just not how I anticipated it being, it was very cramped, Izzy still had a good time. I checked and double checked everything, never thought to check the hall.
According to the administrator this was my fault and she charged me the small hall rate, I have no idea how much the halls are, and wouldn't know from the price alone. Is done now, nothing can be done to change things, I have 2 kids and there are lots of parties ahead of us, I will never ever book the hall again.

We have had on going issues with Isobel's school, they want her to see an educational psychologist as they feel that she is very bright, I think that this is true but I also think that they think there is another issue, I don't believe that there is, I have gone on and on about this in my blog before, sorry, its boring. Anyway, school gave us a number for ed psych, we spoke to her, she can't do it as busy, she wants to wait until she's 6 and other excuses have been made. Her form teacher gave me another number last week, which I guess means that they're giving me a prod. I spoke to the new ed psych on the phone, she sounded ok. Spoke to Paul, just called her to book, she asked me some questions and decided that Isobel is dyslexic!!! I really want to swear by won't, she is being ridiculous, two of Izzy's real strengths is reading and spelling, she had a spelling test once a week and always gets 12/12. How can she say that from a few questions? I can't help but think that I'm handing £500 over to a complete loon!

I would honestly like to go to the school, tell them that I'm not doing it and if they have an issue I'll move her, I really don't want to give an ultimatum but I've really really have had enough. I don't believe that there is an issue.

Oh yes, the band! Everything seems fine, seems to be a bit looser just now, have eaten out a lot, haven't eaten huge amounts but have managed more than I'm normally able to.
My scale is really playing up, stood on it today, got 14st 9 (205 lbs) then about got 14 10, then got 14 9 about 6 times, 10 minutes later got 14 11!!! Would really like another scale but can't find anything with decent reviews, is it too much to ask for a steady reading?
So think that I'm doing ok, am too angry to eat just now which is helping!

Sorry for all this, I never thought that motherhood would be so hard.
Going to spend a while catching up before the school run, hope that everyone is well xx


  1. Hi Alison, Can you shop around for educational psychologists? Since you are paying privately I think you should interview them before the assessment and also get references if you can. We have a similar program in the US and my sons have been tested at school and privately. There is a large range of quality in private least at school there are some standards that they have to of seemed like a very concerned, involved and loving mom...that is great.

  2. Hugs to you!!! Sorry you are dealing with so much.

  3. (((hugggssss))) to YOU... It sounds like you've got a lot to deal with.. I'm hoping you have a terrific day today - you deserve it!

  4. I can't believe all the issues you are having is the school! I keep going back and forth over the thought of my daughter being dyslexic. She has issues, and is in tutoring for them, so where I can't say I understand ALL that you are going through, I can sympathize. (((hugs)))

  5. I'm about as fed up with this school as you are! If you have to pay them (not provided by the school) then I think you should be able to use any one that you want. Perhaps, there is a different referral service (I know out here, the state - government - can provide several names) you could use. Hang in there!

  6. I don't have kids myself, but that being said I know when a kid is acting out in the ways you have described maybe it is worth a trip to the psychologist. It can't hurt, and if nothing is wrong wouldn't you want to know that at least the school was wrong and if there is you know you are getting your daughter the help she need. Either way its a win win situation. As for the dyslexicsia who knows with that. My husband is dyslexic and it is hard for him to read and think straight some times. I would have that double checked.

  7. I would be very concerned if you had a child psychologist giving you a diagnosis before she had even seen your daughter. My advice is to keep shopping for someone who will actually see your daughter, talk to her and then test her to see IF there are any issues and if so what they are.

    I think all scales fluctuate up and down 3 pounds. Some days this can be hugely frustrating!


  8. I think the time may have come to switch schools. It seems the current one has some pre-conceived ideas that they won't shake and ultimately it effects the kind of education your daughter is receiving. If the new school also identifies an issue, perhaps there really is something to it, but I think you owe it to yourself and your daughter to give her a clean slate.

    I know it is hard. You are a great mother. Your kids are lucky to have such a wonderful advocate!