Monday, 27 June 2011

Cor it's hot

Not sure if its reached 30 (86) yet but it feels like it has! I really really don't enjoy it but am trying to be brave.

Disaster this morning for me, kids were awake at 5am, 5am! So I was awake too, I decided to colour my hair as it looks shocking, I've been home colouring for a few months as my hairdressers closed down and I haven't got around to finding somewhere else. So, I coloured my hair and my arms and my neck and the top of my back and half of the bathroom! I can't get it off my skin! I look ridiculous, especially my neck, it's about 30 degree's and I'm wearing a scarf, I look like a complete loon!
That is the last time I do it myself, I'm finding a hairdressers pronto!

Weight is still 14st 11 (207 pounds) it's been the same for 3 days now and I've been really good, my very late TOM came yesterday and I think that that's to blame for the scale not moving but that's ok. What is going on with my periods though? They're allover the place, I can't imagine that its band related, I was worried that I was heading in to the menopause, I'm 38! I'm due a check up soon so will mention it at the Dr's.

My band is quite tight right now, think that it could be TOM related or it could be from my fill. I can eat but not very much, just had some cucumber, a digestive with blue cheese and a oat cake with edam and I'm full. I like this!
When will I stop putting enormous portions on my plate though? You would think that I would have learnt by now!

My children break up from school in 2 weeks and 1 day, they are off for 8 WHOLE weeks, can you imagine? I can hardly wait!


  1. My band is always tighter around TOM. I actually had my first stuck episode last month. I'm a bit concerned for next week when TOM arrives again due to my 2nd fill. Have fun with your kids!

  2. Ohhhh my bones are dying for 86 degrees - send some of it HERE!! It was in the low 50's last night and I'm shivering!!!

    I know what you mean about the hair coloring.. I've been "forced" on a few occasions to do it myself - not pretty.. not pretty at all!

  3. I waste so much food now. My dog eats very well!!
    Thank you for the thoughts about my FIL. I think everything is okay! They still are doing tests and he still is dizzy but they don't think heart or a blood clot!

    5 am. Crazy kiddies!