Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My challenge

Generally I don't do very well with challenges, I challenge myself to something perfectly reasonable and fail immediately, I'm not quite sure why I'm doing this but what else should one do with oneself on a Wednesday afternoon whilst your Scooby doo obsessed daughter is bouncing around watching it?

So, I worked out that there were 17 weeks until Christmas. Today I weigh 14st 6lbs (202 lbs). My goal weight is 12st (168 pounds). I need to loose 34 pounds in order to get to goal. Which means that if I loose 2 pounds a week I can make my goal by Christmas. I would like to do this as quite frankly I'm bored of this constantly worrying about my weight, it's just rubbish. I know that I don't need a fill, I just need to stop eating crap!

Saying all that, I've just made a blackberry and apple crumble, the blackberrys and apples where all picked during a nature walk we did with the kids, this is the first one I've ever made and it was so easy, I'm not that bothered about fruity desserts (too healthy for me!) so will have a small portion but won't go over board.

I've lost a follower, actually I've lost 2, I'm perfectly fine about it as I find myself quite dull! One of the followers was me, why was I following myself?

Have a lovely day all x


  1. Mmmmmmm!! Blackberry and apple crumble sounds sooooo good!! Sounds yummo!!

    I do well enough with small challenges, but goals tend to push me over the edge, I don't do well with goals - especially when I don't meet them.

    Oh, and you're not dull to me!! I'm still here!! Have a lovely day!

  2. lol! You lost yourself!

    Alison you are not dull!

    I've got the same kind of goal as you. I thought if I got to about 170-175 I would feel like I did awesome! If I go further then even better! So we will see!

    I am also awful at setting challenges! I quit about 5 minutes after I set them!

  3. The crumble sounds scrumptious!

  4. That sounds like a great goal, you can do it! <3

  5. I have avoided weight loss goals (just going for down but never a certain amount within a time window). I did however set elimination no more cookies with my coffee and stuff like that. I think it is the small changes that add up. I hope your's work!! I know you will get to your goal in the end.