Tuesday, 23 August 2011

So I stood on the scale and it wasn't great but down to 14st 7 (203 lbs)today which I'm ok about, 3 pounds from my lowest, I am going to crack on now, if I got my head down I could be pretty much at goal by Christmas, famous last words those!

Took the kids to a local beach yesterday and managed to burn my legs! I'm very pale and burn very easy so the kids and me all wear factor 50, unusually for me I wore a shortish skirt when I'd normally wear linen trousers and it didn't enter my head to put lotion on them! What an idiot, they're very pink and sore.

I've blogged often about my daughter and problems at her school, things have been carrying on the same and so we've made the decision to give the school notice, we have to pay for a term so she'll leave at Christmas. We now need to look at other schools and find the right place for her, the school that George attends (he goes to the nursery) would be best for me but we really have to make the right decision this time. I've not spoken to her about it yet and she's always been devestated at the mention of leaving her school but she did a weeks summer school at another (private) school this summer and adored it and I made the point to her that there are other schools with nice children and fun things to do so I think that that has helped. She will have a couple of trial days at the school that we choose before we make a final decision.

I have a friend, N, who had a band about 6 months ago, I told her that I had one and she'd booked the same within the week. She's quite large, would say she was probably about 325 ish at the time of her op, I think that she's lost about 30 pounds. She went for a fill a few weeks ago and they couldn't find the port, she went back a week later to try again, they inserted the needle about 6 times, finally found the port and gave her a fill but now she has no restriction at all and it appears that they may have punctured the tube. I feel desperately sorry for her and a little guilty although I didn't influence her in anyway, not deliberately anyway! She has an appointment later this week to check but it's looking like she'll need the tubing replaced.

Horrible rainy weather here today and my house is covered in a fine sprinkling of sand, I hate the feel of sand under my feet! Really ought to go and do some housework and stretch my bright pink legs!


  1. Good luck finding a school! I am sure that is a little stressful but the thigs we do for our children right!?!

    203 this awesome!! What is your goal? I've not made one yet.

  2. 203 is super awesome!! Sorry about the sunburn though!

    (((huggssss))) to your friend.. Sounds awful...