Friday, 26 August 2011

Day 3 of challenge

And not much to say! I'm down a pound (14st 5lbs / 201 pounds) I need to loose another by Wednesdays weigh in.

We have a busy weekend, tomorrow we're going to the first birthday of the daughter of one of Paul's friends, we've not seen any of these friends for about 5 years and I don't know them very well. I'm having my normal, whatthehellwillIwear panic! The weather in the UK is so changeable at the moment it's really hard to plan. It's rained all day here today and yet on Monday I got sunburnt! I went shopping today wearing Uggs as it was so cold! I do have my Boden tunics that will do aslong as its not too hot. Today I wondered in to Monsoon and went through the dregs of the sale stuff, I got a cardigan, linen trousers and a top for £30, they originally retailed at £120 so I'm very happy. The trousers are much too long so I will have to take them up, I'm 5ft 6, these are regular length and they are at least 3"'s too long!

On Sunday we're going to see my friend N, who also has a band. I posted the other day saying that she possibly has a hole in the tubing. She went back yesterday and all seems to be ok, I'm very relieved for her.

Below is a picture of Isobel, she is obsessed with Scooby Doo just now, so obsessed that she's fashioned some 3d specs to look like Velma's, Velma is her hero! She didn't want the photograph taken, that's why she's looking sulky, the glasses make me laugh, a lot!

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  1. I think it is so funny that she loves scooby do!

    She looks adorb!

    Now remember this...if you don't lose that lb dont fuss to much because it may still even out. Some weeks you might lose 2.5lbs and some you may lose only 1 and still get the same result goal!

  2. Ohhhh those Velma glasses are a hoot!! I love it!! I'm thrilled to hear that your friend is ok - scarey!

  3. Absolutely love the glasses!! Super fun.