Saturday, 17 September 2011

Terrible blogger

I have been a terrible blogger, I've been reading every day or so but I really don't have very much to say.

Nothing has changed, I didn't manage my challenge, surprise surprise! I'm about the same weight and everything is ok.

Most of my energies are going on finding a new school for Isobel, I am so relieved that we're doing this, as anyone who reads this blog would know this has been a cause of much upset for us. We had a meeting with George's school on Friday and it all looks really good, it's co-ed which we feel would suit Isobel well. She is having a trial day in a couple of weeks, she doesn't know anything about this yet as she loves her school. I'm a bit worried about her reaction but think that she will settle well.
Typically this year with a much stricter teacher (which I always maintained that she needed) she has settled well and so far (7 days in) there have been no problems. Still, I think that 75% of the problem is the other parents so moving is the best thing. It will mean that the school run is halved for me and I'm going to one school not 2 which will be great.

Band wise all is fine, or it would be if I would stop eating chocolate. I'm quite tight at the moment, tried chicken twice yesterday and got stuck both times, this could be hormonal.

Hope that everyone is well, I have been reading, I just don't feel like I have anything of value to add.


  1. I know you have been looking into new school's for Isobel, so good luck with this one :o)

    And I am another that has given up on challenge that are revolved around weight loss. I too am a self sabotager where these are involved. As soon as I set one, I find myself buying chocolate and chips like it is the end of the world. Concentrate on you and your family and try not to sweat the weight. I sometimes think that is the best way.

  2. glad to see you post! i hope all the school stuff works out... I am sure it will :)

  3. I am so happy to see you posting.. And, I know what you've been going through with Isobel's school.. One school rather than two will be great on you, and I believe that Isobel will ultimately do well in a new environment - even if she isn't happy at first.

    Keep us posted, Sweet Lady - and don't stay away so long!!!!

  4. you have plenty to add and I have been missing seeing you around! please don't leave for long again!