Monday, 25 July 2011

Monday again

The weekend seemed to go in a blur!

George and I are still alone this week, Izzy is now at my (mad) in laws, she's loves it, she comes home at the weekend, I'm really missing her but I know that by Tuesday I will be moaning on my blog! We do have a 2 day honeymoon period when she's missed her brother but quite soon afterwards everything goes back to normal.

I have had really bad PMT, it was that bad that I recognised it and warned my husband! I managed to inhale a large bag of peanut m&m's over the weekend, the scale had already started creeping up and went up quite high, I'm back down to 14st 6.6lbs (202.6) part peanut part period gain I think, hopefully the 2 will go once my period has gone, I feel ok today, back on track.

I went out for lunch yesterday for a friends birthday, I really struggled to choose what to eat and ended up with a mezze with flat bread, feta, huomous (I can never spell that!) and other bits, terrible choice as it turned out, I thought I was careful but ended in the bathroom twice and the food looked completely untouched, no one there other than my friend knew about my band and I don't think that she really understands it.

It's looking really unlikely that I'll get to 13st something this month now, 7 pounds to loose in 6 days! Will make good food choices and do my best to be active, maybe it will be in August but it will happen.

Have a good day.


  1. Food is not my friend right now! At all!

    You're right! Enjoy your time away from your lovely daughter because the chaos will insue shortly!

  2. Ohh yes, enjoy your time alone with George.. And don't fret, you ARE going to drop those seven pounds!

  3. Not heard from you in a while on here; hope all ok?

  4. Knock knock?? Where are you? Im missing my friend!