Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Am down 0.4 of a pound to an all time low of 14st 5.8lbs (201.8) will onderland ever be mine? I have 12 days to loose 6 pounds, half a pound a day, eek.

I think that it is doable IF I forgo my evening chocolate treat (has been peanut m&m's for the last 3 nights but have run out now) they are about 220 cals, could I make do with an 100 calorie yoghurt instead? I don't want to but I will try my best!

I could also do with some exercise, George and I have been to visit my sister today which has meant 3 hours in the car and hardly any walking but tomorrow we'll be more active.

Probably means nothing to most of you but I am transfixed by the whole News Internation/Murdoch/hacking business. The Murdoch's have been in front of the Select committee this afternoon and I've just witnessed Rupert Murdoch get a custard pie in the face, his wife was most impressive and whacks the attacker. I don't know where it will all end and think that the Prime Minister is in for a rough time.

Happy Tuesday, can't believe that it's only Tuesday!


  1. I have been only a tiny bit following the Murdoch stuff!

    BUT more importantly..you are so damn close to onderland!

  2. You are so close!! I have been paying attention to the Murdoch think too. I got a notice about foaming incident. I will go need to watch a clip. I think it this isn't going to be over for a while...

  3. So close to Onederland. My advice would be to get a good 20 - 30 min walk in each day. You'll kick into Onederland and take no prisoners!! :)

  4. Sooooo close - I am so thrilled for YOU!! Congrats on your loss!!!

  5. I see your 201.8 and I'll raise you a 207. LOL