Thursday, 21 July 2011

Starving today

Is there a full moon? Have had breakfast, did some chores, went to the supermarket to food shop and came back starving, it was so bad that I was eating dry cereal whilst unpacking the shopping, have just made some crackers and the cereal has kicked in (along with a few pringles)and I'm not hungry! Bizarre.

Scale was slightly up today, despite me eating well and doing a couple of hours walking whilst pushing a heavy boy in a pushchair, it's only up 0.2 of a pound so just a tiny fluctuation, nothing to worry about. I do think that I'm approaching the time when I don't tend to loose followed by the time when I gain for no reason, can't wait for that!

Onderland isn't really a big thing in the UK, if you told someone you weighed 199 pounds most people would have no clue how much that was until they converted it. But after reading blogs for the last 18 months I know what a big deal it is so it's important to me, being 13st something is more important to me though.

I'm also tired, perhaps that the reason for the hunger? Anyway, enough moaning from me, wonder if I can convince George that we should have a sleep?
Happy Thursday!


  1. Thanks for clearing up the onederland thing for me. I'll be rooting for 13 stone for you from now on!

  2. I think we should have a day where we all convert our Body weight to Stones and see how we compare..

    Can you put out the formula for us and give us all the challenge.. maybe call it Get Stoned!!

  3. I got on an old springy scale this morning at a hotel and they had it fixed to make people feel better than they really were. I weighed 11 stone (much better than reality) and my husband was down a full 20 pounds from normal~~A good place to go when you need a false sense of thinness (Hartwell House near Aylesbury).

    I am pinning David down tonight to make plans for the rest of our stay and figure out when we will be in London. How are the next three weeks shaping up for you?