Friday, 8 July 2011

I got a call and all I could think of is this blog!

Driving home from the school run this morning and I got a call, pulled over and answered it and it was Isobel's school wanting me to make an appointment to see the headteacher. All I could think of is me writing here yesterday how things seemed to be much better, I'd jinxed myself!
So, my mind was running wild, what had she done this time? We're they going to expel her?
I got Paul to call the head and it's just a review, they feel things are going much better and wanted a quick catch up before she breaks up.

Sorry, just a braindump there! I really wish I could assume that any call from the school was positive!

Scale was good today, 14st 7 (203 lbs) I'm trying to catch up with Amanda! The frustrating thing is that after my fluctuations I've only lost 1 pound in a week. Still, I'm down 8 pounds since my fill 3 weeks ago so it's not all bad. Could I manage another 8 pounds by the end of the month to make my goal? 23 days left? I think that I probably could, not sure that I will though!

My last day full day of freedom today, the kids break up on Tuesday for 8 weeks! 8 weeks, I ask you!


  1. Elt me tell you any call from the school would have me worried if I had kids. It is just the way my brain works.

    But I am really glad it was not big deal. Rest easy! Have a fabulous last day before the chaos begins.

    8lbs in three weeks! Holy cow. Lucky!

  2. 8lbs in 3 weeks is an awesome loss!!! I think you can meet your goal for sure.

  3. My kids get out tomorrow ... I can't wait! I'm so tired of the school run. WTG with the weight loss. I was stuck at the same weight for 2 weeks. Just got a fill yesterday. Hope it kicks off again.

  4. I think you can do it! :)

  5. Good luck on reaching your goal!