Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lots of stuff.

Firstly, sadly, my Grandma died on Tuesday, it's very sad but she had no quality of life at all and in a way I'm happy that she has finally passed. I have a feeling that the funeral will hit me hard, we have always been very close. I got to see her twice last week which I'm really pleased about (she lives about 180 miles away from me)

I went to see my friend Nicky who also has a band yesterday, its so nice to speak to other bandsters face to face, she had her band fitted about 6 months ago and is doing well, she's lost almost 40 pounds. On the way home I ate about half a packet of sugar free mints, that was a huge mistake, oh my goodness, I'll say no more!

Nicky made me a bagel for lunch, I was thinking that there was no way at all that I would be able to eat it as I struggle and generally avoid bread, she assured me that it would be ok and it was! I was amazed, I didn't manage the whole thing, most of it but only stopped as I was full rather than stuck, its a revelation.

The scale has been up and down this week, a bit of water retention and a little too much chocolate I think, was a good day yesterday and after the unfortunate incident with the sugar free mints my weight was 14st 9lbs today (205 lbs) not sure if I trust my new scale, its really quite mean!

Am just making a lentil bake, have never made anything like this before but my Aunt made it for me when I was there last week, it was lovely. I just embarrassed myself as I couldn't open a jar of mango chuntney and had to acost a workman who was working over the road for help!
Will share if its any good.

Off to catch up and eat my bagel!


  1. Oh, I could not eat a bagel to save my life! So sorry to hear about ur gma, but happy she suffers no more.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss! I don't think I could eat a bagel either, but I would love one!

  3. LOLOLOL you found a worker to open the chutney! Good girl!

    I am sorry about your gran! I know what you mean about the quality of life though! I felt the same when my gran died! Still very sad but you're happy for them to be comfortable now. So glad you got to see her last week!

    I ate a whole roll of fruit pastels (is that what they are called?) on Sunday! My husband took me on a 5 mile hike and i was starved..I just kept eating. Totally not my type of candy. Cept for that day!

    Yah my title can be a little alarming!! At least I didn't have any naughty pictures to go along with it!

  4. I've made a was wine gums on sunday, fruit pastels last night! Ha. No singing envolved with either! ha haa

  5. Oh husband has the biggest sweet tooth in the world! His mother sends loads of goodies for us! Should be getting one in the mail any day now! I get crumpets and magazines.

    Reeses Easter Eggs. Probably a sweet I have the hardest time resisting. Now I want one. Thanks. You gets reeses over there right?? These are just egg shaped. They have an ice cream store here called Dairy Queen that does ice cream with candy blended in. Think of the McDonalds forget what they are called. But way better. They are called blizzards. HEAVEN with reeses peanut butter cups. Again might have to be dinner now!

  6. I am so sorry for your lose. Sending lots of prayers and thoughts your way.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. I'm up down within the same kg, over and over again. I hate my scales too!

  8. Mmmm....bagels. So sorry to hear about your grandmother.

  9. Nah...wouldn't be bad at all to eat peanut chocolate goodness in front of your child! Now to tease her, well then yes, maybe. Ha ha.

  10. I'm very sorry about your Grandma. When my mom's mom passed away, it was really hard for me. I love her so very much.