Sunday, 17 April 2011

no title

I really struggle with titles! After looking at the screen for 10 minutes I decided that I wouldn't bother with one!

Hope that everyone is well today, its almost 10am on Sunday morning, I would so love to be going back to bed! I had a great sleep just not enough of it, I changed the bed clothes last night and it was so nice to be in my own bed with lovely clean sheets. Think that I've been holding some water as had to visit the bathroom twice, I'm terrible at drinking water, am going to try and drink lots today. George woke me at 620, too early but ended up with a little boy snuggled up to me singing Miss Polly and doing the actions, lovely!

I coloured my hair last night as my roots were shocking, it seems slightly too dark, I have very pale skin and look like I'm trying to be goth! Hopefully it will calm down soon, I really need to find a new hair salon, the one I used closed late last year and I've not managed to find anywhere else.

I used my new scales this morning, I compared them against my old ones last night and this morning, it looking like they are weighing me between 3 and 4 pounds heavier than my old ones, my old ones are so inaccurate its difficult to say, my weight now is officially 14st 9.6 lbs (205.5) as Tina pointed out I've still lost the same amount, I can't be absolutely sure but I'll call 205 50 pounds down and will start from there.

Off to read blogs whilst George plays playdoh, I'll enjoy scraping bits off the kitchen floor later!
Have a good day all xx


  1. I need a new scale too! I am going to get one today. I am sure I will be heavier on the new one but like you said we still lost the same amount! Have a great Sunday!

  2. Haven't you heard? The goth look I back! You'll fit right in! I must say that does sound sweet to have a snuggly kid singing to you. This morning I was awoken by my husbands very cold foot and my dog sitting nose to nose to me wanting out. I'm up now. They are both back in bed.

    205... That I think is fantastic. We are right there together. Okay. So officially we are coming around the Christmas holidays. We can't come sooner sadly.

  3. Gotta love that different scales never give the same weigh in. Although it is better when the newer ones tell we weigh less that the old ones :o)

    But 50 pounds is still awesome and you will tame the new scales :p

  4. Titles, schmites. Who needs 'em! :)