Saturday, 16 April 2011

I'm back with new scales.

So nice to be back and reading blogs properly again, I tried to keep up on my iphone but it was hard on my eyes!

The week was ok, not exactly a break but better than I thought. I got back with the children at about 7pm last night, am very tired today but its just been George and I today as Paul has taken Izzy to stay with her grandparents so its been a pretty nice and easy day.

My Aunt said that I had lost weight since I last saw her (January) the scale hasn't really changed much since then but perhaps I am more toned. She also said several times that I didn't eat much, I thought that I did pretty well but its difficult when someone else is cooking for you and they don't know about the band! I didn't have chocolate all week, when I got home I just had to have some, I was like a mad woman!
Anyway, the scale was kind today and I've lost one of my TOM pounds so I'm 14st 7lbs (203 pounds)
My new scale arrived whilst I was away and I've just unpacked it, its very nice and I've moved it around the room and stood on it several times and it appears to be accurate as its not changed at all. But (this is a really big but!) it weighs me at about 4 pounds heavier than my old scale! That's just not fair is it? Will do an accurate weigh in in the morning but its looking like I will probably be reporting a 4 pound gain, will I ever see onederland?

I'll live, off to do more blog reading, the boy is watching Dora, does she need to be so loud?


  1. Dora is loud isn't she!!!

    So glad you are back and alive!!

  2. The new scale weight does stink, but if it's more accurate in the end then that's good.
    Dora is crazy loud - COME ON BOOTS!!! I'm glad we're Dora free now(although Disney Channel is worse).

  3. It is all relative on the scale...if you were happy with your body before you gained the four pounds on that new scale you should still be..remember this means that your start weight would also be four pounds more so in the end you have still lost the same amount of weight.

    I hated noisy Dora but appreciated the down time while the kids watched it....I hope your uninterupted surf time is fun :)


  4. Thank God my kids are starting to get away from Dora. She drives me mad!

  5. Stupid new scales! They should ALWAYS weigh less, darn it.