Thursday, 3 November 2011

I'm so crap!

Sorry, haven't blogged in a while. Unusually for me I've not gone off the rails, have just been really busy.

Kids were on holiday last week so we went away to be spoiled by my Aunt, whilst I was away I had the decorators in to do our lounge, it looks great, we've gone grey. This inspired me to paint the shabby playroom so i've spent most of this week doing it, it's pale blue and lovely, I'm very pleased with it, am thinking of doing the kitchen next but its a much bigger job and I need a few weeks off!
George has also started using the computer, he's 4, I want to encourage it to some degree but I also want to use it myself and he gets really cross when I try and get it from him!! He plays educational games on the bbc website.

I have managed to get to the gym this week as I brought 3 pounds back from my Aunts with me, am glad to report that I'm back to 14st 3 (199 lbs!)

Haven't managed to take any more photos, I hate having my picture taken! BTW, I have sunglasses on my head in the rubbish photo I posted, I don't have a massive square head, perhaps I'll do photo's when I'm finally 13st something!

Am off to see The Help at the cinema tonight, very excited as I loved the book. Just need to resist the popcorn and chocolate!
Am going to catch up with blogs now, hope that everyone is well.


  1. I know I always say it, but MORE PICTURES PLEASE!
    And don't call yourself crap. Glad to see you blogging...

  2. I want to see pictures too!!

    How about making a chart system for George of when he can use the computer. That teaches him about looking at the clock too. Heck if I know. I have no kids! lol My dog won't follow a chart system!

  3. I third that -- more photos, please!! :) And, that's so great about being back in Onederland! :)