Thursday, 10 March 2011

38+1 day

That looks like I'm pregnant doesn't it? I'm certainly not! I'm 38 plus 1 day, it seems really old when in my head I'm about 15, I feel quite young compared to the other Mothers at Izzy's school when actually I'm probably somewhere in the middle age wise, I wonder if I'll ever mentally mature?!

Thank you for all your birthday greetings, very sweet of you, I love that cake has negative calories on your birthday, I didn't actually eat any but I certainly will now, surely it counts in your birthday week too! I mainly got money for my birthday, I'm hoping that I will need new clothes soon but what I really want is a gorgeous handbag, one that will last for years and years, one that will make me smile when I look at it. I think that I fancy a Mulberry handbag ( Not sure which one yet, maybe the Somerset tote in chocolate. I'm hoping to get to a Mulberry outlet shop and get one cheaper, they can be really expensive.
Paul cooked me a fantastic Thai green chicken curry last night and I'm going out with friends on Saturday night. My present to myself was a ticket to a book reading tonight, I'm going alone as although I could have found someone to come with me I don't think that they would enjoy it so I'm happy to enjoy it alone!

I weighed myself this morning and I was 14st 10 lbs (206 lbs) I've been stuck around this weight for months! It was better than I expected and I'm back on track today so I feel ok about it, hoping for a loss tomorrow.


  1. You should treat yourself, you deserve it! :)

  2. I would go to that book reading with you! And have a good time!!

  3. lol...I really was singing! My husband laughed! So when I come to England do you think we could meet!? I am sure there is a train right? I want to meet you. Don't panic yet it could be months before we get to go on a trip! But it will be nice to have a day away from the inlaws!

  4. I love me some purses and those are adorable!! How fun!

  5. Infact it was Advanced Yoga I went to. I need to be clearer in my blog!! lol
    I almost spit coffee on my screen. You won't break wind! Well you might. But just watch what you eat the day before. lol actually the instructors sometimes burn insense in the room for that reason. Okay well when I come to the UK. We will plan something fun! Yay

  6. Ohhhh, I'm a handbag-aholic! Those are absolutely adorable!

    The reading sounds like such fun - I wish I could go too! We'd have a blast!

  7. Love those bags- when you go to the outlet pick me up a postmans lock tote, ok? :)
    I hope the book reading was nice and good evening away on your own. That is nice sometimes.