Friday, 25 February 2011

Paranoid fill

Thanks for all your comments on my 50 pounds down post, I'm still there! Will not mention anything about my birthday goal!

I went for a fill yesterday, was talking to a nice lady who was there for an unfill, her band had suddenly tightened and she was in a lot of pain and discomfort, I let her go ahead of me but by the time I was in with the nurse I was paranoid about being overfull too. The company are only in London once a week and I have no idea where I would need to go get an unfill, A&E wouldn't do a thing. I'd intended to ask for either .1 or .25 of a cc, the nurse said that she's put in .5, we did that and I think that I felt a little gurgling so reduced it to .4, I think that it would have been fine, it was just going down slowly but I don't really know how it feels when it is too full and I was in full paranoid mode. I think that 0.4 will do just fine.
They were really pleased with my weight loss and said I was a star pupil! Am very happy.

Isobel had her educational psychologist appointment yesterday, we all went to take her, the lady was very nice and Isobel was very at ease with her so we went off and left them to it. I wasn't there when Paul collected her and we won't know too much until we get the full report but she didn't say that she had an ism and I'm very happy about that. She did say that Izzy feel a lot of internal pressure to perform at school and she also feels a lot of pressure within herself to mother George (I find this bit astounding) as she's the oldest. She said that she has a reading age of 10.5 (she's 6). The ed psych said that she was very interesting as where she is hugely advanced in some areas in others she is average and that would be extremely frustrating for her. I'm so happy that its over for now, am a little scared of the report but I'll get over it.

Hope that everyone has a good weekend, I'm going to the gym, taking Izzy for a haircut and then visiting one of her school friends so the girls can play and Raquel and I can chat, will be really nice, the boys are going to play with George's new football. Not sure what is happening beyond that.


  1. Hope this fill works well for you. And glad the EP appointment went well for Izzy, even if it was a little disturbing (the mothering part), it's better to know what all's going on in her head. *hugs*

  2. Good luck with the fill, I'm sure it'll be great! I hate those kinds of appointments for my kids, but am always glad once it's all over.

  3. I hope the fill does the trick. Congrats on 50 down (I think I missed that post). I'm interested to hear what they say about Izzy. In some ways she sounds like my daughter. Cate puts a lot of pressure on herself at school(she has a really high reading level too) and it worries me a little. I guess their personalities are what they are, but I can't help feeling guilty.

  4. I hope the fill doesn't back fire on you :o) & all works out with Isobel's results!!

  5. It sounds like your fill will be great! Having an unfill appointment would tend to freak me out a little too I think.

    I am glad it sounds like really good news with your daughter. The parenting thing is really common among oldest children and highly unlikely to be anything you did...hopefully the Ed psych will have more great things to tell you in her report and helps for anything that needs helping!


  6. Hope the fill is at a good level.

    As for Izzy - you made me laugh "glad she doesn't have an ism." It sounds like she's very bright and has high expectations for herself. I think the full report will provide some additional insight that you can easily deal with.

  7. I am so behind but I wanted make sure I got to you today! I am so freaking proud!! 50lbs down! That is fantastic Alison!

    I am really glad that Izzy had her appointment..and I am glad that she doesn't have an "ism" either. But I do think that the lady probably has some insightful observations!

    I promise to keep in better touch this week and going forward!