Friday, 11 February 2011

Odd feelings

As you all know I've been having a bit of a nightmare with my daughter (this isn't about her thank goodness!) recently and have been quite stressed and anxious.

Yesterday I was driving somewhere and I felt quite scared and panicked about loosing more weight, I felt like I shouldn't. It sounds really odd, I think its because to some degree I hide behind my weight and felt panicked about being without it, very odd.

Eating wasn't great yesterday, some chips and some chocolate, quite a lot of both actually, but I'm ok now, I went to the gym this morning, have eaten really well and am kind of looking forward to my official weigh in tomorrow.

Operation mean Mummy is on going, not sure how much effect it is having so far although she was very nice yesterday afternoon as George had gone for a play date with a friend who is one of her favourite friends brother, she was pleased to see them both when they got back and seemed a little more tollerent than usual. Tonight she is missing 2 activities so she may well be more of a pain, lets just see.
The Ed Psych called yesterday to say that she has messed her holiday flights up which means the appointment has been delayed by a week. I have a little less faith in her now!


  1. Have full faith in her. She may be great! Your a going into that place of won't work..instead of yes things will work!

    Have you ever thought about talking to someone about these feelings? Like you shouldn't lose weight for security reasons? I only mention this because many, many of us have this same issue. It is easier for us to hide behind our weight.

    Keep up the good and hard work Alison! With Isobel and with weightloss. Nothing is easy, right? And it is working!

  2. I'm sorry you're having trouble with your daughter, I definitely know how that can be (except with boys), and I hope she moves out of this stage before she adopts the bad habits for life. (Not the most helpful thing I could say, but I mean it with the best of intentions!) Sorry, I just got caught up on blogs yesterday and I was meaning to comment. I had a friend that started out like that in elementary school and it got progressively worse as time went on and I would hate to see that happen to a sweet little girl.

    Great job on your eating and just remember that her behavior isn't your fault. *hugs* You're doing great.

  3. Wow, I have just been catching up on blogs this morning. Alison, I just feel for you!! I have four daughters. Two were angels as children. One had an anger issue (not her character, she is really a sweet girl)from age 2-5. And my youngest.... she also has anger issues, but they seem to be part of her personality.

    I have been working with the Little One for four years now, trying to teach her appropriate ways of feeling angry.

    With both of these girls, it was a long, very long process to teach them appropriate ways to express their anger. ANd like you... so many days when I felt like a horrid mother. I cant tell you how many times I nearly had a tantrum myself because I was just tired, didnt want to be the patient momma.

    You are doing a fine job. Just keep it up.... one day you will see a little change in her, then another. These things you are doing NOW will pay off in spades by the time she is a teenager, so it is so important, frustrating as it is.

    Hugs for you!!