Friday, 4 February 2011

It isn't rocket science

Well, what do you know, when you eat less you loose weight! It's a revelation!

Yesterday I had a really good day, no snacking, 3 smallish nutritious meals, some exercise (emptying the garden rubbish in to the skip and 2 hours walking around the zoo with George) and this morning the scale was 3 pounds down! I'm now back at 14st 10 (206) 2 higher than my lowest.
I've realised that I was snacking too much before and getting away with it so it almost felt normal but then suddenly gained 3 pounds. I gained the 3 pounds because I ate too much/rubbish. So there you have it, my blog posts for the last week have been me feeling terribly sorry for myself when actually it was all deserved.

The skip is still outside and my scale is still in the bathroom, not sure that we can be parted at the moment, will keep thinking about it.

Thank you for all the vibes and prayers for my sister, the 3 are still doing well (grade 2/3 from a scale of 1 to 6, 1 being very good) 1 will be implanted tomorrow, will keep you all updated, please keep your fingers crossed.

Any exciting plans for the weekend? Not much happening here, if Izzy is a good girl we are going to see Tangled on Saturday and swimming on Sunday, really ought to shave my legs or they'll think that a yeti just entered the pool!

Chicken with broccoli and cauliflower for lunch, think that cauliflower is becoming a problem for me.

Have a wonderful day x


  1. It's great that you realized what the problem was (I had to come to the same painful realization myself the other day!), and are addressing it. :) You'll be in onederland before you know it!

  2. Morning...or afternoon for you now!

    This weekend..humm...we are going to a superbowl party! I am not a football fan..american or soccer. But we always go to a party for entertainment ohh and the snacks. Gonna bring healthier stuff for me to munch on so my carbs don't get too high!

    You sound happy today! :) Good luck to your sis!

  3. hahahahaha at Yeti!! And congrats on the LOSS!! I knew it would happen!! Prayers are still coming for your sister - keep us posted!

  4. Glad to hear your sister is doing well. I'm going to have some alone time with hubby this weekend and really looking forward to it - comedy club and a nce dinner.

  5. I am glad those pounds shifted off again. Snacking is very difficult..i struggle with it all the time.

    good yeti comment :) but if you don't shave in the winter don't you gain warmth on your legs? Thats the excuse I use :)

    I am having a birthday outing with a friend ( a whole day of adults only fun!)