Thursday, 3 February 2011

It's still here

In the bathroom mocking me, it gave me an extra pound this morning too! Horrible scale! Could have been as I ate lots of chocolate yesterday I guess. I'm now 5 pounds over my lowest of last week, bizarre.
Anyway, feeling ok today, went to the gym this morning to find that one of the circuits is broken so didn't work out as there were at least 15 woman in front of me and I wasn't going to wait for 45 minutes. I did throw all the rat rubbish in the skip, it was very heavy so that was my mini workout. Found a little dead mouse under one of the bags, poor thing.

My gym membership is up in August and I'm considering going to a "proper" gym, mine is just a circuit place and I think that its pretty good for toning, not sure that it adds that much to weight loss really. It works for me as its quite quick but I think that I'm getting to the stage where I need more. Will continue to think about it.

I know that a lot of us are thinking and praying (if that's your thing) of others at the moment.
Could I ask for you to think positive thoughts for my sister please?

She's called Rachel, she's 33 and has been trying to have a baby for quite a few years, she is going through IVF at the moment, she had her eggs collected yesterday and had a call this morning to say that 3 have fertilised and are doing ok at the moment (2 didn't make it)
The whole process has been really tough and I know that she would be devastated if it didn't work, I really don't know how she'll cope. Thank you x


  1. I was up this morning as well. TOM is here for his visit, so I'm hoping its only temp. I will say a prayer for ur sis. I know how frustrating that process can be.

  2. Prayers for your sister! The scale will comply soon. At least I will pray that for you too!

  3. Sending fertile thoughts your sister's way. I did the circuit thing in a prior weight loss attempt and found that it just wasn't intense enough so you may want to consider changing it up.

  4. Prayers are sent for sure!

    Now I had a lot of success with the circuit thing way back when I lost a lot of weight! But I was doing a food journal at the same time! I think I lost about 50 lbs! I'd add a few things in there to pump up my heart rate. Does your circuit have like a minute of toning and then a minute of cardio over and over?

    One thing with the circle training is that some of the gyms only have positive positive machines...meaning you are only lifting weights going up and it is hydrolic on the way down. The ones that work best are the ones where it is positive negative meaning you push to lift the weight and then you have to use resistance letting it back down! Does that make any sense.

  5. I will definately say prayers for your sister Rachel.. Keep us posted..

  6. Thinking of your sister. My greatest fear is that I won't be able to have a baby. I am sending so many good vibes towards her and the eggs that fertilized!!!!

  7. Here's hoping a stork visits your sister in the very near future. Fertility can be such an issue :( but with all that technology out there, its great that couples who normally wouldn't be able to conceive are given this opportunity. Goodluck!

  8. Sorry to hear the scale is not cooperating. Definitely sending good thoughts to your sister.