Saturday, 5 February 2011

Happy Saturday all

from the house of illness, Izzy has a cold and Paul seems to have a severe case of manflu. I'm not very of him when he's ill, Isobel is dealing with it much better than he is, we've left the poor love in bed.

So, its looking like swimming will be postponed and my leg hair can stay intact! As Tina says, I need it for warmth, wonder if the scale will show a loss once I shave it!

A very clever blogger (who's name escapes me and who's blog I just can't find, I'm so sorry) posted about yesterday, she was saying how since logging what she's eating she's loosing weight. Her post was similar to mine yesterday so I thought I'd go and take a look at it and its fantastic. Really worth a look, they also have an iphone app.
According to it in order for me to loose 2 pounds a week I need to eat no more than 1200 cals a day, this seems low to me but once I'd cut out snacks and logged what I actually ate it was fine.

I debated weighing in today, especially as I'd weighed last night (I know) and it indicated that today would show no loss (generally about 2 pounds lighter the next morning) I couldn't help myself and stood on the scale, today I weighed 14st 9lbs, (205 pounds) so a pound down from yesterday. This is great but I know that all the weighing messes up my head, perhaps we should have a no weigh challenge! It's so hard.

Anyway, off to get manflu up so he can watch the kids whilst I go to the gym, have a wonderful weekend all.


  1. Best place for hubby with manflu is leaving them in bed ;) So close to the 200 pound mark you must be excited! cheers for passing on the link sounds like something to definitely check out :)

  2. MANFLU! It is way worse then the regular flu don't ya know!

    I used before I got my ipad. It is just way to easy to use the pad now! The app I have is called my net diary.

    Honestly it works for me. Have a great day my deary!

  3. Hi Alison, I"m the one who posted about has been so helpful to me...I think its better than the Weight Watchers tool. I hope it has really helped me. A lot of times I would just guess kcals and has a lot of very readings for a variety of commercially available and restaurant foods...

  4. We should definitely have a no weigh challenge. I don't have enough followers otherwise I would start it.
    I had been weighing myself everyday and not losing a thing. Then I took one week where I told myself I wouldn't weigh myself within that one week. Well, I did weigh a couple of times but the point is not to weigh everyday. It really makes a difference. :)

  5. "Manflu"!! hahahahaha!! I love that word - I'm going to steal it!!

    Hope everyone gets well SOON!! Happy Saturday!

  6. Alison I hope you like Today I had Trader Joe's Green Shrimp Curry and they had the kcal count! Then I had a Korean dish soon tofu...and they had it on the kcal count for that too. It is one of the best kcal and exercise counters out there. After I logged my exercise today it forecasted the weight loss I would have if I kept the same rate 40 minutes on the treadmill everyday. It was so motivating I went on the treadmill for 40 more. It is such a motivating tool...

  7. Tracking is a pain, but usually is worth it. Good luck.