Thursday, 10 February 2011


Thanks for your comments on my post yesterday, its very kind of you to take the time.

We had the meeting with the head teacher today, was ok, told them that I thought it had got to the stage that we had to remove her. HT said she was very sad and she "loved Isobel to bits" we talked for a while about incidents and stratergies and it was all very positive. We've agreed to go ahead with the ed psych, HT says that she feels that there is nothing "wrong" with Isobel but there could be something that ed psych could uncover. She agreed with our decision to take away all of Isobel's activities until she earns them back and is going to have a chat with Isobel and tell her that she agree's with our decision that she shouldn't go on the school trip next week.
So, really we have this half term to see a difference and if there is no difference we will give a terms notice.
I don't believe that she is ADD or ADHD, concentration is not a problem for her, she just seems to think that she's in charge, she really needs a teacher who is very very strict.

I'm ok, still very stressed but have managed to eat today, still feel like I can feel my band.
I'm not much of a stress eater thankfully, at least not so far! My friend bought me chocolate and biscuits, I had a biscuit as I thought I should but I'm not bothered. My calories were quite low yesterday so I'm not bothered if I go over a little today.

Thanks again for all your comments, it means a lot.


  1. I really think seeing the Psych is a good idea. Just like the teacher said...there is nothing "wrong" with her. She is a spirited child but someone who is used to hanging out with spirited children might have some insight. If you have any questions about what they tell you ask me and I will relay them on to m y best friend who is a school psychologist.

    You're doing fine!

  2. You're an absolute wonderful Mum! Isobel and very child is different, has different responses to situations, and for that matter has their own issues. Like Amanda, I think that maybe a Dr could be helpful. If anything, for a different perspective on how to move forward as a team for what is best for Isobel!

  3. As the parent of a spirited child myself, I feel your pain. Trust me. :)

  4. It sounds like the meeting with the HT was productive. It sounds like some good, honest communication going on this point. It does sound like Isobel is very bright and sometimes too smart for her own good. I hope things start getting better in that area.

  5. I hope it all works out for the best, it sounds like you have a good HT there.