Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A shocking revelation

How is everyone today? My thoughts are with the people of New Zealand, the destruction after the earthquake is devastating, I really hope that many more people are found alive.

Nothing very exciting happening here, Paul has been really quite ill with flu, proper sweaty, headachey, achey flu. Today he is suddenly back to normal and doesn't seem to be ill at all, its been so miraculous that I'm wondering if he was faking it!
Izzy is away at her grandparents and is having a fantastic time, I really miss her, I really hope that she behaves once she's back, she behaves with my in laws but gets so indulged by having 2 adults hanging on her every word that she can be a pain when she returns.

We took George to see the Yogi bear film at the cinema today, he loved it and is insisting on being called Boo Boo, this is an improvement, earlier in the week he would only answer to Sebastian (after a character on Mr Blooms Nursery for any UK based parents of toddlers) Paul went to see the film with him and I went shopping, mainly for some alone time. I was looking at clothes, I saw a couple of things I liked in a shop with no dressing room, I didn't want to buy without trying as this shopping centre is a fair few miles from home. I look at items of clothing in the size that I know I currently am and can't imagine them actually fitting, still it saved me lots of money.

Have slipped in to weighing each day, bad I know but only once a day so far, today I weighed in at 14st 8lbs (204 lbs)
My shocking revelation is that I can live without eating chocolate everyday, I have pretty much always had chocolate every evening, probably quite often too much. The last few nights I have been eating grapes and yoghurt and this is satisfying my need for something sweet and I think that its really helping with my weight loss.

I am going for my fill on Friday, Isobel does have the educational psychologist appointment and I won't be there to pick her up, Paul will, he'll have to take George but its not the end of the world and he can relay anything said to me, the ed psych will provide a full report so I don't need to be there.

Hope that everyone is well


  1. I love that he wants to be called Boo Boo and Sebastian before that - so cute!!

    My kids were always pains in the butt when they came back from their grandparents houses - it always took them a day or two to get back in the swing of how we do things at home. Good luck!!

  2. Glad the hubby is feeling better.