Friday, 18 February 2011


I can't believe that its been a whole week, sorry.
Things have been crazy, George has been ill and off school, Isobel broke up from school on Wednesday and now Paul is ill. I have also discovered the Charlaine Harris Stookie Stackhouse books and every spare moment is spent with my head stuck in a book, it's seriously getting in the way of my internet time and lets not even think about the housework!

Food has been up and down, good one day, bad the next, I'm ashamed to admit that the scale said 14st 10 again today (206 lbs) will I ever get away from this number? It's my totm just now which could have effected this but I don't think it normally does, I normally get quite tight and I haven't so I know that I need a fill. I'm meant to have a fill on Friday but because Isobel's ed psych appointment got moved I don't think I can get there and I don't know when I am going to be able to go, I'm going to try and do my best to keep the appointment, will talk to Paul when he's better.

Poor Paul has flu, proper flu not man flu, I didn't quite believe it at first as 0ddly it started when I came home from being out all afternoon, but overnight he's been really ill, hot then cold, shivery and hallucinating, there have been other side effects that you really don't want me to share!

Isobel is going to stay with my in laws, Paul was taking her today (its a 3 hour drive) so I'm going to have to drive down there with both kids in tow and then come straight back as I can't leave Paul for very long. Can hardly wait!
Isobel has another abscess on her front tooth (it was damaged in a fall at nursery about 3 years ago and has suddenly started playing up) took her to the dentist yesterday and she needs to have it taken out next week, poor thing, she's great about doing to the dentist, really hope that this doesn't put her off.

Haven't even read any blogs this week, am going to have a quick catch up now, I've missed you all!


  1. You are very busy! I hope everyone starts to feel better soon!!

  2. wow, sounds like you have the hardest time keeping illness away lately! Hope everyone starts to feel better real soon!

  3. Oh mercy, Lady.. I hope everyone gets better soon - You've had such a rough time of it..

    (((huggggsss))) to you AND Paul..

  4. Man flu is real flu... only much much worse ;-0

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  6. Hi Alison
    thanks for your note. I'm looking forward to reading your blog from the beginning and learning from your experiences. Hope your husband feels better soon!