Sunday, 6 February 2011

Huge thanks to Rachel

Lovely Rachel at talked about, I'm very grateful, at least I was until I made it go red yesterday when I input my food!
(I don't know how to do the hyperlink thing, must learn!)

Yesterday started off well, gym, myfitnesspal said that I burned 200 cals from my circuit workout, I'm not really sure about that but I entered it under a curves workout and I think that its pretty similar. I ate well, took the kids to the cinema leaving manflu at home, was ok but Isobel was very floppy and hot by the time we got there and I was regretting taking her, I'd driven to a cinema 40 minutes away where we could park outside. Finally got them in and I think that her medicine started to work and she had some popcorn and blueberries (together??!) and that seemed to perk her up. We saw Tangled, it was quite good.
There is a shopping centre by the cinema and there is a Cadbury's shop there (can you tell where I'm going with this?) I'd promised the kids that we could go so, £10 later and a carrier bag of chocolate some of which was eaten on the way home. I was being pretty good until George decided that he didn't want the mini eggs I'd given him, what is a Mummy to do? Scoff the lot of course!
We had lovely sausage and mash for dinner, I never eat food like this, I didn't have huge amounts but it was really nice, I then had to have a little ice cream and there might have been more chocolate so myfitnesspal was bright red and probably very cross with me, however, I'm ok with it, will do much better today, honest myfitnesspal!

Scale was up today, no surprise! I'm going to challenge myself to weigh in once a week only, my weigh in day will be Saturday as it was lower than today. I promise that my tootsies will not touch the scale until next Saturday morning, anyone fancy joining me?

Anything exciting happening today? We normally go to the church family service but as Paul and Izzy are both full of cold/manflu and most of the congregation are over 70 I think that its best that we keep away, would hate to pass it on to anyone.
I'm off to the gym shortly, then I'm going to scour the house for stuff to put in my enormous skip then after lunch I'm taking George to the zoo, manflu and Izzy can come if they feel up to it, its funny weather here, not at all cold, about 14c today (57f) but very windy, not lip gloss wearing weather!

Have a lovely Sunday all x


  1. Hi Alison
    Maybe you're right to just weigh-in once a week. I jump on the scales every morning and quite often there's a difference from one day to the next, but I only ever record my new lows!
    Hopefully your next fill will have you back on track because, quite honestly, what you eat in a day doesn't sound that different to what I eat so it doesn't seem right that you're not losing. Without fail, I eat chocolate, biscuits and/or dessert every day - couldn't survive otherwise! Perhaps it's just the amounts that are different? How many mls do you have in your band?

  2. Me...I am joining you! Just not yet. in four more lbs!
    So glad you are doing the logging thing! I really really do like it. Don't worry about going over. The best thing about our bands is that we can't go so far over that it would cause major damage, I guess!

    I know 3 other families in England that went to see Tangled yesterday. Musta been that kinda day!

    Chris brought back mini eggs, malteasers, coconut mushrooms, jaffa cakes..but they are the orange/cranberry special ones. THEY ARE MY FAV! Loads of other things but the things I really like are the org/cran berry jaffas!

    Hope you have a lovely saturday!

  3. I love Myfitnesspal. It has been my site of choice for several years now...also there is an awesome Iphone AP.

  4. Hi Alison, thanks for the shout out. Have a lovely Sunday.

  5. I'm thinking I need to track my food too. Will be posting about it soon.