Friday, 11 June 2010

Happy Friday!

My husband is beyond excited as the World Cup (football/soccer) is just about to start, he loves football, it goes on for a month! A month!!
Last night I was in panic mode as my laptop decided that it would no longer link to the internet, can you imagine evenings of him watching the football and me sat there doing nothing or worse still having to do housework to help the time pass!!

Happily it seems to be working again today, have downloaded Google Chrome as Firefox just wouldn't work and internet explorer was just awful.
I am considering buying an ipad, anyone have one? Not sure if i'd get on with it.

Band news!
There isn't any really, just realised that I've not talked about the band at all yet.
Went on to mush foods last night as I was starving, I did almost 3 days liquids, will do another couple of days of soft food. Feel ok, not sure though if I was really desperately hungry yesterday or if it was head hunger.
The scales say 16st 7lbs, which is 231 lbs, just 1 lb heavier than my lowest last week, hopefully will see 16st 6 tomorrow.

Off to read the blogs I missed yesterday, have a good day x


  1. Ugh - my husband is the way with soccer (football). He has World Cup fever too. I'm glad you got your computer going, you'll need it.