Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Scale woe's

Why did I break my rule and stand on the scales again today?

Firstly, I was wrong yesterday, the scale said 16 6 on saturday and 16 7 yesterday (231 lbs) so I was up a pound, the scale today said 16st 8 and 3/4's! (almost 233)
I didn't have a great day yesterday, I was stuck in the car for most of the afternoon, I met my aunt at Costco, had a huge muffin but had had no lunch, bought an enormous bag of pretzels and ate a fair few on the way home. The traffic was terrible so I ended up in macdonalds, not somewhere I like very much and had a chicken burger and fries, didn't eat many fries, ate all the chicken and about 2/3's of the bun and was rewarded with a huge gain! Might be the amount of salt I ate I guess.

Anyway, Isobel is with my Aunt and having a great time, she told my aunt that she always has desert after breakfast! She's just like her mother!

George and I are alone, he's insisting that Isobel is at a party! I think that we're going to go to his favourite park and i'll stick him in the pushchair and have a good walk and maybe pop down to the beach. Weather looks lovely today, i'll probably be quite grumpy later!

Hope that everyone has a great day!

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