Saturday, 12 June 2010


Match just about to start, I really need England to win or the husband will be sulking.

He's out watching the match, I though i'd buy some marshmallows as a treat for me for the evening, I thought that the couldn't be too bad as they're fat free. Fat free they are but each on is 25 cals! How can that be? I've eaten most of the bag which i've just realised adds up to almost 500 cals! How ridiculous is that. Makes my total for the day about 1450 cals which I guess isn't the end of the world.

Took the kids to a childrens festival today, they loved it.
Isobel and I popped to the supermarket this afternoon, we saw a young man being arrested for shop lifting, it made me really sad for him, I don't know why, stupid to be taken away in handcuffs in a police van for the sake of a milkshake.

Anyway, can I again say COME ON ENGLAND, you have no idea how excited my husband is!


  1. yes I do mine is the same and the poor sod is watching it at home with 3 girls! And our TV went out right when England scored!!!!!!!!!
    We better win or Sunday will be ruined.

  2. The tv where my husband is watching did too, something went wrong on itv1 hd, i'm watching on normal itv so saw the goal. Wish I could see another one! 92 minutes gone, sigh