Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Just want to apologise to anyone I freaked out yesterday talking about my fill. It really wasn't too bad at all, they only inserted the needle twice, they just kind of poke around trying to find the right place whilst its still inserted, I was just looking for sympathy!

Today is going well so far, although *tmi* I have a really upset stomach, not sure why, it might be wondering why i'm not eating lots of rubbish and panicing a little, I don't know! George had a bad nappy too, maybe we have a little bug but I feel ok.

I've stuck to liquids, have had

Shake for breakfast,
(skim)Latte for morning coffee with the school mums
Diet coke
Mushrooms soup for lunch
Shake at about 5pm
Bean and lentil soup for dinner at 730

Will probably have another shake and/or some yoghurt.

Does anyone else have a 14cc AP large band? If so do you mind telling me how much fluid you have in it and do you have restriction? I know that everyone is different but i'm just interested (nosey!)

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