Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Early Thursday morning

Morning all,

Woke early this morning and decided to sneak down the stairs for some tea and some quiet time before the monkey's wake up, managed to wake George and am now sat enjoying my quiet time with George watching very loud television, great!

No real band news, I weighed in at 16st 3 today which is 227 lbs. I've been doing ok but am allowing a little naughty snacking to creep in which I must stop. I'm going to the gym today, I missed it on Tuesday as I had to go to a teddy bears picnic at George's nursery, was very cute, they made teddy bear hats.

I bought some clothes yesterday in Laura Ashley, i've never bought clothes in LA before, I didn't realise they went up to a UK 20 (US 16) I bought brown linen tailored trousers and a couple of tops, everything fits but is just a little tight, i'm not sure what to do with it, it was quite expensive and as I plan to hopefully only be wearing it for a short time I may need to return it.

Isobel has 1 full week left at school and then she's off for 8 weeks, 8 weeks! Not quite sure how i'm going to get through this time! I have planned a few activities and she has a couple of weeks summer school and visiting relatives etc. We're also going to Center Parcs (v kid friendly holiday park type place set in the forest, slightly more upmarket than your average holiday park, lots of families head to toe in Boden!) in a couple of weeks. George and Izzy being off is going to really curtail me getting to the gym, i'm going to have to try and work some exercise in with them in tow, wish me luck!

Going to catch up reading blogs, George keeps sticking his head in front of my laptop, he is obviously just enjoying reading all your updates!


  1. Aaaah!!! Summer has begun... well, you sound like you're doing well. I'm sure you will get alot of exercising in running after the little ones... Keep up the good work. *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at Band Camp..."

  2. ah the summer hols! Im glad mine are all grown up and I dont have to deal with it anymore. Good luck keeping them occupied.
    Centre Parcs sounds like fun. Ive never been.

    Well done on the weight los. I too have let the snacking creep in so today I am sticking to protein shakes and yogurt to try and detox the sugar and fat out of my system. I need to nip this in the bud. Good luck keeping away from the kids snacks, seems like you have managed well so far?

  3. Ah, the joy/curse that is Laura Ashley! I bought a gorgrous green tunic there the other day in a size 18. Like you, I've never bought anything from there before because I didn't think it would fit; admittedly because it's a tunic, it's a generous cut, but I'm still so chuffed to be able to fit into something from there. However, exactly like you, I've ummed and ahhed over whether to keep it - £50 is a lot for one top. I've been scouring eBay in the hopes of finding something similar and a LOT cheaper!
    Congrats on the weightloss so far; you I are in a v similar weight bracket - I'm currently hovering on 16st 6lbs.

  4. I love my quiet time in the morning as well. My kids are grown .. but I do have two furbabies (yorkies) that crave early AM affection and attention .. can't they just let me get a sip or two of my coffee in.. (ugh)..
    Perhaps those clothes will go on sale soon.. but I totally understand that you don't want to spend $$ for something you won't get full use... be well

  5. The kids are always "bugging" me when I 'm trying to read the blogs! "Mommy who's that" "Do you know them" "Where do they live" "How come we don't know them"


  6. I love my quiet time too. My son (24) just got up and started talking and it disturbs my blog reading. So glad you have George hooked on our blogs. Keep him away from the racy stuff!!!

    I've been hit by too much snacking. Need to get away from that too and maybe the scale will start to move again.

  7. My 11 year old drives me crazy over the summer. I work from home a good deal and having my daughter hovering makes it very difficult. My 14 year old can entertain herself so I guess one out of two ain't bad.

  8. Running around after two children counts as exercise!?!