Saturday, 3 July 2010

Happy Saturday all

Hope that everyone is well, thank you for all your comments, I love to read them.

We have a regatta in our village today, we live right on a river and there is a boat race and lots of stalls, a beer festival, live music, brass band and food food food! There is also a dog show this year which I can't get to grips with, there just isn't the room.

I was baking for the cake stall yesterday which is always a problem for me, I just can't help but sample, the scales have reflected this and i'm up 2 pounds today. Eating cake always sends me on a downward spiral and I bought ice cream and chocolate last night, I didn't eat any of it as I think I was a little stuck/full from some chicken I had for dinner, I didn't feel stuck but I had a really sore back which has gone this morning.

Its been ridiculously hot here, 30c yesterday (87f) and I hate it, it wouldn't be so bad if we had air conditioning in the house but houses here don't. So far it seems a little cooler today.

Nothing else to report really, went to the gym Thursday and this morning. Food wise i've been so so but I seem to be feeling more restriction now, do bands sometimes tighten in the heat?

Have a lovely weekend, Isobel and George are entering the Princess and Pirate fancy dress competition, i'll try and post some pictures of them tomorrow.


  1. I love the summer in the UK when the sun shows up..Light nights, weekends in the beer gardens with the kids running around , every one seems so happy :-)

    Hope the summer is still around when Im back in August.

  2. Oh, the regatta sounds so lovely. It reminds me of being in Boston, MA, USA in college and seeing the boat races there.
    Sorry about the heat-- I hate scorching temps generally speaking.

  3. Summer will be cancelled by August, Andrew, you know the drill!

  4. It sounds lovely... Don't beat yourself up, a little up and down is not going to hurt you on the scales once in a while... just aim for more down than up. I am glad that the festival of junk food is not in my "Village" though, it is hard enough to stay good... without extra distractions and temptations. Stay Strong! *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at Band Camp..."

  5. What a lovely virtual tour of your village you just gave us. I was shocked about the air conditioners though. I live in the deep South-and we would roast alive without them! Enjoy the cake-just a few bites-and then put on the brakes when the festival is over!!!

  6. Have a great weekend! Can't wait to hear about it :)

  7. Sounds like a wonderful time. Have fun!

  8. I'm eager to see the pictures... the whole thing does sound fabulous!