Thursday, 15 July 2010

An all time low.

Morning all,

Stood on the scale this morning and it showed 16st 2 (and 3/4's but I tend to ignore this bit) 226 lbs.

Just goes to show what a healthy dose of stress and pmt can do. I have so much to do, still. The estate agent is coming tomorrow to photograph the house, both kids are home with me and Isobel especially is driving me crazy. We've just had a nice mother and daughter argument over me asking her to try on a skirt, her not coming when I called her until the 4th time, then kicking it out of my hands on purpose, this happened twice, I had to leave the room or I would have done something I would have regretted. Luckily, Paul is working from home but just at the moment is still laying in bed, Izzy is up there with him.
It's only day 3 of the holidays and i've had enough already!

Really really need to get to the gym today, i'm being physical enough at home but i'm away next week from Monday to Friday and really want to get a couple of sessions in before I go, I haven't been since Sunday.

Anyway, whine whine moan moan, better go and clean some more!


  1. Hang in there sweetie.. great to see a new low number.. but don't let all of the life details stress you out.. use this saying "This too shall pass".. be well

  2. I hope things calm down for you! Congrats on the new number though, that's great!

  3. School holidays - got to love them! We're just at the end of two weeks of winter holidays here and I'll be pleased to see the kids off to school again on Monday. Hang in there!