Monday, 5 July 2010


Feeling quite meh today, no real reason to be honest, just sometimes feels like I never stop. Had the regatta all day on Saturday and lots of friends and family dropping in. Sunday went to the gym, then church and then to yet another party for Isobel. We don't have any more booked other than the party i'm planning for George but that isn't until September.

My scales are still saying 16st 5lbs, (229 lbs) i've not been bad over the weekend really, certainly in no quantity but ahem, have been a little constipated so could be that. My scales are still giving several weights when I stand on them so I can't be sure really, I must buy some new ones.

Have been shopping this morning for our holiday, the weather here is so unpredictable but i've bought the kids lots of pairs of shorts and t-shirts so fingers crossed.

Regatta went well, Paul was off doing things leaving me with the kids for most of it, that pisses me off, I end up with miserable and hot children. I have some pictures of the kids but they are not great and my computer won't let me crop them, have posted one.


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend! You have such cute kids!! I'm sorry the scale isn't cooperating! I say get a new one--it may be the culprit...

    I hope you get a nice weekend of relaxation soon.

  2. My hubby had to work so it was kind of a crappy weekend. I'm living vicariously through everyone else's weekends. Sad! Hope the scale is moving soon.